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  1. Fox Academy’s Luxury Beverage is available for preorder on /500 black+red split vinyl http://foxacademy.limitedrun.com/products/677997-luxury-beverage-vinyl-500
  2. charli copped through banquet. said I got the last copy, I hope it goes through.
  3. I’m fairly new to whiskey but I’ve been really into Balcones’ Baby Blue. I was reading this thread at work on my down time and hadn’t seen anyone mention anything Balcones. Real good shit (in my personal opinion based on limited whiskey knowledge). I’ve been trying to hunt down a bottle of Hibiki in the Dallas area for a short while now with no luck.
  4. Order went through. I’ll get the deluxe eventually (assuming I like the album) because odds are they aren’t going to sell out of 2000 copies any time soon.
  5. In for red death wish early bird pricing, been having trouble checking out on beer splatter. Thought it was my work pc since it’s a foreign store and I work for a contractor - so I ran outside but I can’t seem to check out on my phone either. What the hell goes in the number field after address? It’s required. I’m putting my house number but i don’t want this to be shipped to the wrong address.
  6. In for BSM /200 😎. So glad I decided to check VC today.
  7. Shit now this is a pretty order I’m REALLY bummed for missing out on. Going Grey was a masterpiece.
  8. Went with splatter. $5 more expensive means it’s better, right?
  9. Can’t decide between the cool ghostly green or the limited splatter. Damn it. I know I don’t have much time.
  10. Missed obviously but not that upset considering it’s blink and all their stuff gets reissued regularly. I’m sure we’ll see these come back sooner than later.
  11. Would’ve much rather had a red copy over yellow but don’t want to double dip
  12. https://kingsroadmerch.com/joyce-manor/view/?id=17639&cid=1706 yellow up. Hope this doesn’t sell out by the time I get off work.