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  1. Enjoyed this but it looks like only the /1100 splatter is still in stock anywhere. Keeping my eyes peeled for an indie or the like.
  2. Ah damn didn’t see this. May just have to go with the RT pinwheel but I dislike how they don’t take PayPal. copped pinwheel.
  3. Ordered, but unsure if I’ll ever play this. Hilariously enough the only twiabp album I still listen to on occasion is between bodies.
  4. So many damn preorders this month and I can’t keep up
  5. Waited on ordering this. I’ll give this a listen today before I decide to buy, but the red galaxy vinyl mock-up looks gorgeous.
  6. Ordering come Friday. Can’t say I’m the biggest fan of these guys anymore but I definitely was of sorts at some point.
  7. Fuck well that’s stupid. I’ve been waiting for new Danny brown. Maybe there’ll be another variant announced soon.
  8. Only seeing the purple and black yellow on RT. Guess they sold out? Or think it’s a description issue on the purple? Shit gonna have to catch them on tour again, but they always seem to play Dallas on weeknights.
  9. Gorgeous purple mix vinyl. I was expecting a regular opaque purple from domino.