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  1. Waiting for confirmation if it’s a swirl or tri color / different variants
  2. Got my copy in tip top shape. Haven’t spun yet but excited to. Mine did come with an insert.
  3. When I asked him he also told me he had “one left” so it’s worth trying if you really want one. I assume he’s saying this so people don’t flood his inbox assuming there’s a huge secret batch up for grabs.
  4. Ordered along with one of the ugly vlone shirts because they might have resale value. These guys are so jarring to my ears but there’s several songs on this release I enjoy.
  5. Just went up https://shop.citymorgueofficial.com/products/city-morgue-vol-2-as-good-as-dead-vinyl-signed-digital-album
  6. Got a copy by emailing them. I’m so fucking excited I don’t have to drop regarded resale prices.
  7. Fuck I just barely discovered these guys. Amazing. Trying to hunt down a green copy.
  8. definitely do not use the handles they will tear and fuck everything up. just tape over them so people helping you don't try to use the handles either.
  9. uhaul boxes are PERFECT for moving vinyl. I moved about 800 LPs when graduating college but it was only from one side of Texas to the other (7hr ish drive). I say hold on to the collection, it's going to be a bitch to replace when you decide to. you could also maybe rent a storage unit for your vinyl while you're in grad school. or maybe just dump them at your parents house if that's an option?
  10. Oof did not expect the clear with gold to sell out so quickly but at least I’ve still got a first press
  11. Decided on dangerous woman and sweetener. Can’t say I’ve ever even listened to the other stuff.