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  1. These came in Monday but haven’t gotten a chance to spin. Surprised something from SRC is shipping on time.
  2. Now I can add this to the other tab books I own even though I don’t play guitar. Still Stoked there’s a dads one.
  3. I’d like to order these but I have zero confidence I’ll ever actually receive my order...
  4. Yikes. I remember buying that shit on eBay thinking “man this probably sold out everywhere by now”.
  5. In for the clear through bull moose since I but the bullet on some of the merch anyway and got free shipping with the new grimes and car seat headrest LPs. Curious what the cover will end up looking like.
  6. I’m just sitting here waiting for a passive me aggressive you reissue.
  7. Just saw them Sunday and they didn’t mention this. I asked at the merch table when trying to buy an extra for the board and they didn’t seem to know either. Maybe it varies based on show size?
  8. Hoping another variant pops up as I’m not the biggest clear fan, but man do I love me some Gaga. I’ve been looping stupid love to and from my commute to work.
  9. New song definitely sounds different from CSH’s other work. Hoping more variants pop up.