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  1. WTB Stars Hollow - Happy Again 7” toss me a pm.

  2. stoked, after waiting over a year for my previous order I never wanted to order from ormo again. Now just to wait for the amazon US/bullmoose orders to pop up.
  3. EGsynergy

    PO Now: XXXtentacion - SKINS

    I unironically enjoy the Kanye song. Taste is probably getting worse but I’ll take it.
  4. Blue splatter vinyl. Hate the guy or not the preorder is there if you want it. I personally ordered. https://shopxxxtentacion.com/products/skins-vinyl-digital-album
  5. EGsynergy

    PO NOW: Pinegrove - Skylight

    ordered from Pinegrove store before seeing the deal. oh well, still stoked to have this!
  6. I would’ve thought this would have gotten a repress by now (same for bay factions lp).
  7. EGsynergy

    PO Soon: William Bonney - All Ten

    went back for the dad hat and art print
  8. EGsynergy

    PO Soon: William Bonney - All Ten

    This sounds much more crisp and clear now. Very very much enjoying the remaster.
  9. EGsynergy

    PO Soon: William Bonney - All Ten

    Downloading and adding to iTunes as fast as I can
  10. EGsynergy

    PO Soon: William Bonney - All Ten

    SHITTTT I missed the gold variant but in for the split and tape. If you snagged an extra gold and are looking to sell toss me a pm!
  11. Eyeing the pink but I told myself I’d stop variant collecting as it’s a waste of space and money in my eyes. Oh, decisions...
  12. EGsynergy

    Out Now: Pouya - Five Five /500

    Not looking forward to Discogs prices for this, but what must be done must be done.
  13. https://www.polyvinylrecords.com/product/american_football_lp3 still up!
  14. Light blue splatter /2000 early bird on polyvinyl!
  15. This is up on the website. No details on press number? There’s baby blue and pink.