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  1. Doesn’t look like it’s up anywhere yet. Middle school me is excited for this but adult me knows it’ll never be spun.
  2. Fuck. Thanks for trying! Did you get there early enough to snag a copy of ruby for yourself?
  3. Looks like he has a splatter tour press of Luna on tour with him as well... If anyone can go and cop both or either one of these I’ll pay for your ticket and tip well. DM me if you’re just looking to sell yours too.
  4. Really frustrated I missed the Dallas date especially considering I had nothing to do on Friday night and would’ve gone had I known about the show. I’m slacking hard.
  5. Holy shit. I had no idea this got pressed so long ago; I would’ve been pissed to have missed out. I never saw this announced anywhere and my buddy stumbled across the order page today.
  6. Too fucking good. I’m so excited this finally got pressed. https://www.flatsound.org/shop/wishing-to-forget
  7. Holding out on the seaglass to see if a cooler variant drops. Doubt this will sellout anytime soon.
  8. New foxes in fiction done according to Warren’s story. Getting an OT issue through vinyl and tape.
  9. I don’t know if I want this. I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore. Would this ever make it to my turntable? I’m picturing being drunk with friends and pulling this out as a party trick only to blare LET THE RAIN COME DOWN, AND WASH....
  10. WE BACK BAYBEE. New Yohuna on the store now.
  11. Anyone have a list of the tour dates? Hoping for a Dallas or some sort of Texas show.