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  1. Copped the limited but really annoyed at the $10 shipping. Doesn’t look like I was charged taxes shipping to Texas though?
  2. BSM arrived. Imgur isn’t working so uploaded to my old tumblr. Hopefully this works.
  3. In the market to replace my onkyo a9050. Any int amp recs under $1k with a nice remote similar to this amp? Mainly looking to upgrade because mine was damaged during moving.
  4. Was there zero indication of the color on the packaging? Edit: i guess that’s what makes it random
  5. Soccer mommy’s for young hearts RSD 2019 first OT release to come in shrink / be coreleased other than the Elvis d new Alhambra glitter tapes?
  6. Digging the single, but waiting to hear more before I decide if I want to pre order or not
  7. How do you guys typically dub these? I’ve seen some old dubbing machines that do 4 or so at a time but is the quality from using such machines any good?
  8. I’m hoping this makes it to amazon to see if the novelty is still around by the time it’s out
  9. The birthday variant is one of my favorite looking records. GORGEOUS pressing.
  10. Posting an image of the bsm variant when it arrives