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  1. Went with splatter. $5 more expensive means it’s better, right?
  2. Can’t decide between the cool ghostly green or the limited splatter. Damn it. I know I don’t have much time.
  3. Missed obviously but not that upset considering it’s blink and all their stuff gets reissued regularly. I’m sure we’ll see these come back sooner than later.
  4. Would’ve much rather had a red copy over yellow but don’t want to double dip
  5. https://kingsroadmerch.com/joyce-manor/view/?id=17639&cid=1706 yellow up. Hope this doesn’t sell out by the time I get off work.
  6. Fuck. Looking at 32 EU shipped from their eu store for a single copy. Hoping more get listed on the US site or the RSD release yellow is easily available.
  7. Late to the game but I am DYING to own this and my favorite JM song (chumped) on vinyl! Is the blue sold out? The KRM US site isn’t showing any vinyl in the store, but the EU site is showing the bone.
  8. copy just arrived! came with two jackets as stated above: one unsigned sealed in shrink (with the record) one loose signed with sharpie.
  9. Forgot to add this comes out to $14.44 USD shipped; cheaper than the US store.
  10. Cassette still in stock on UK store in various colors and in two different versions of artwork. Opted for the clear green. Signed cassette bundles also available. https://shopuk.ladygaga.com/*/*/Chromatica-Cassette-1/6EQH0000000
  11. Would be going ape if I didn’t already have this stuff. Phoning a friend to hit you up.
  12. cancelled my vinyl but IN for the cassette tape and the new merch!
  13. Thinking I’m gonna cancel my milky clear because I can’t stand pvc sleeves. Hopefully there will be a version with a proper sleeve eventually...