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  1. Ramones Sire 80’s box set is on sale today for $90. https://store.rhino.com/en/rhino-store/artists/ramones/the-sire-albums-1981-1989-7lp/603497842940.html
  2. I never got a shipping confirmation, it just showed up. Well, actually I emailed them and canceled a week later since I thought $40 was stupid and then it still showed up lol
  3. Hmm that’s odd. When I initially checked Apple Music after @FavoriteSights&Sounds post, I saw Gambling had a 2017 copyright under The Movielife. However, I checked again just now and there’s also a Drive-Thru version available with a 2001 copyright. Same EP, just two different versions on streaming platforms at the same time. Well, maybe this means we’ll see it in the box! 🤞🏻 This and TEN would be nice.
  4. Wow! Had no idea The Movielife bought out that EP. Looks like DTR still owns 40 Hour and IATA. Well, hopefully the band will press it themselves which I can definitely see happening. I wouldn’t mind Steel Train, but would rather HIPV or even the last Home Grown EP. Though I can see DTR pressing Steel Train over those.
  5. Looking for an Alex G if anyone‘s got any leads!
  6. Wondering what the last two will be.. I’m hoping for TEN’s ‘For All Of This‘ and SoCo’s ‘Audioboxer’.. but would also want The Movielife and HIPV. They should do vol. 2 after this one!
  7. There may be more variants coming in the future. The LP label say they are manufactured by Mondo. They’ll also have them at their upcoming shows. https://www.instagram.com/p/ClUA7TYp-4k/?igshid=Zjc2ZTc4Nzk=
  8. Strung Out - Blackhawks Over Los Angeles (should be five downloads) https://u2955889.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=domfbLmOGzEsM99l7US2S2id-2FuRt982H81qMgQPzKv2gYaUG-2BFDqVgxqY8EMpeayCEkBpVtXtSbjNkKeXWWPxI-2By0jJhk2QKzVN4vdumoWE-3DXT7B_SICpncoja9MOYsqAHMtZrm68Ymp29RuP8t2jziwGs97tH4wtG-2B5xS5-2FmK5Eg85NSuJNHihv-2FnTnht8ug9kcogAgixNFF1i0xID08saQKGbBiDB50O4CPnIcXp5U1vCMWNe1plEq9mhgbB1EAQ5Rc-2F5oQLUy6plVffX-2FVHRyd0eVOZnZHXWSI-2BLXtvXWxZ6xcwA0b4Ab-2By-2BJPnSXveQqi4Q-3D-3D
  9. well, I was rocking curator for awhile so it was time for a change
  10. Why so much hate for the 10”?! I’m changing my username to something like 10inchLUV.. I’ll do it.
  11. Def still a double 10”. If you zoom in, the A side label only has 3 songs.
  12. Wanted a silver, but snagged a green. $10 shipping. Oof!
  13. Got an Interpunk email (haha) that has preorders for Fat Music 1-6 so those should be announced soon! I think some are already available, but I know they haven‘t pressed 1, 5 or 6 in awhile (if I’m correct). P.S. looking for the new Cigar on color if anyone wants to sell 😛