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  1. I have an OG and can’t remember so I’ll check tonight. According to Discogs, it starts after Ender, but then fades out. 😑 I know the demo/better version is on the Welcome To The Family comp too, but the Field Day pressing is long gone.
  2. update: sold out https://www.iamtheantagonist.com/product/face-to-face-over-it-ep 10" premium vinyl repress. Original artwork and deluxe packaging. Remastered, limited edition press run of 1000. Three color configurations: 333 orange crush/piss yellow half and half (SOLD OUT) 333 blood red/canary yellow splatter (SOLD OUT) 333 halloween orange/brown color in color (SOLD OUT) Shipping 6-15-23 — $25+ shipping.. I guess cheaper than an OG which I believe was a green wax promo? edit: Definitely cheaper… an OG sells for $200+ according to Discogs. Anyways.. I’m in for a) my love of F2F and b) look at my username
  3. bought this used, but the DL card was inside so give it try! Superchunk - Majesty Shredding http://www.mergerecords.com/digital Serial # - R71IU05B Barcode - 673855038018
  4. Who’s got a copy you don’t want?! Obviously looking for the half/half w/ splatter. Also down for trades too! Check out my collection https://www.discogs.com/user/bhoussock570/collection
  5. I hope they press their second LP! For some reason I dismissed it when it came out.. years later now I love it more than their first album. It’s a solid record.
  6. They’ve been posting/revealing the EPs every month. The original shipping date was January and they’ve updated that to March in the descriptions. They’ve reposted a bunch of people posting photos of their new shirts on IG. (Logo is way too big.. I was sorta interested in one, but not anymore) I would imagine the bands still have a sour taste so I doubt that is why they aren’t hyping the releases up. However, I’m stoked for the box and def ordering the Houston Calls LP this week. Take This To Your Heart Records are handling everything and they seem like they know what they’re doing so I’m not worried.
  7. Liars Academy - First Demo steadfastrecords.com/yum a786-kyjd
  8. Hidden In Plain View - Tantrums www.dropcards.com/vinyl 79PRTVMRF697
  9. If you email them, they should tell you. I bought the ‘Four Old 7”s on a 12”’ comp awhile back for dirt cheap clearance at Hot Topic. It’s on blue marble so I was curious. (from the email in 2009! The clear copies mentioned are from my original email. They were selling on ebay for a lot.. at the time) Brian, You have the most recent pressing, and the most limited at 500, if you got the blue marble from Hot Topic. When "Four Old Seven Inches" was re-released maybe 2 years ago, we pressed it on coke bottle, then clear, and now blue. We don't make quantity notes public on any of these pressings, because we don't press records for collectors. The clear copies are out there, in fact I still have some on my mailorder shelf as we speak. Weird that you see that color for sale at a ridiculous cost, since I believe it is the most widely available at this point. Hope that answers your question. -Andy
  10. another HWM - Feel The Void.. different pressing plant too! hmmm https://downloads.precisionpressing.com 2424-BFEDFE0F also got a Brand New - Deja Entendu www.atozmedia.com/soundcard 5LEUCL225M
  11. Top 10 (in no particular order) No Pressure - S/T Anxious - Little Green House White Lung - Premonition Hot Water Music - Feel The Void The Early November - Twenty Pohgoh - Du Und Ich Alex G - God Save The Animals Soccer Mommy - Sometimes, Forever Tegan & Sara - Crybaby Avril Lavigne - Love Sux (...for real, it's a banger)
  12. Hot Water Music - Feel The Void dropcards.com/vinyl CGQDR7DD5F
  13. HIPV S/T up next! Dreams can come true people. hopefully TEN will be the last one 🤞🏻
  14. Which pressing is this? Couldn’t find it on discogs edit: snagged the last one since I don’t have a copy yet. In my top 10 this year
  15. White Lung - Premonition www.dominomart.com/claim SH9VJVYH
  16. Into It. Over It. - Figure 2xLP for a cool $15 today (Thursday, 12/08) Also suckered me into a copy of Deja and an old school Triple Crown tee! https://store.triplecrownrecords.com/products/673888-into-it-over-it-figure-vinyl-cream
  17. Ramones Sire 80’s box set is on sale today for $90. https://store.rhino.com/en/rhino-store/artists/ramones/the-sire-albums-1981-1989-7lp/603497842940.html
  18. I never got a shipping confirmation, it just showed up. Well, actually I emailed them and canceled a week later since I thought $40 was stupid and then it still showed up lol
  19. Hmm that’s odd. When I initially checked Apple Music after @FavoriteSights&Sounds post, I saw Gambling had a 2017 copyright under The Movielife. However, I checked again just now and there’s also a Drive-Thru version available with a 2001 copyright. Same EP, just two different versions on streaming platforms at the same time. Well, maybe this means we’ll see it in the box! 🤞🏻 This and TEN would be nice.
  20. Wow! Had no idea The Movielife bought out that EP. Looks like DTR still owns 40 Hour and IATA. Well, hopefully the band will press it themselves which I can definitely see happening. I wouldn’t mind Steel Train, but would rather HIPV or even the last Home Grown EP. Though I can see DTR pressing Steel Train over those.
  21. Wondering what the last two will be.. I’m hoping for TEN’s ‘For All Of This‘ and SoCo’s ‘Audioboxer’.. but would also want The Movielife and HIPV. They should do vol. 2 after this one!

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