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  1. This. I picked up a first press of Finch’s WIITB from Parting Gift today and the shipping was $11+ 😡 I’d say these reissues are mid-quality. Certainly not audiophile or heavy duty jackets, but I’ve heard worse and they even throw in inserts! I remember when those came standard with LPs.
  2. The /150 Acoustic EP went pretty fast. I was on a few min after they went up and it was gone. Grabbed a splat 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Yeahhh, I saw the 3xLP was $70 USD (!!) I’m still a sucker and bought both EPs, charged me $16 shipping so that came to a little over $70 in the end 🙄
  4. Looking for the Aimee Mann ‘Dead Eyes’ 7” if anyone has a link! edit: got one from ebay.. for just a few bux more
  5. I’m down for the EPs! Already have the TDR press of MMP
  6. That’s shitty to hear especially since the description says ‘Reissued here in remastered audio’ 🙄
  7. Looking for a white copy of the 20th anniversary reissue on Mondo (that’s not $100).
  8. Looks like Steve is still receiving songwriting credits, but also looks like all 5 members are part of ONE publishing company. Here’s ‘All Downhill From Here’. https://www.ascap.com/repertory#/ace/search/title/All downhill from here/performer/New found glory?at=false&searchFilter=SVW&page=1 So I guess they don’t HAVE to include “written by” as long as their publishing company (My Song Over You) is included somewhere on the packaging. Curious if it always that company or there used to be a different one before the whole thing happened. edit: looks like the old publishing company was called ‘Blanco Meow Music’ and the records credit the band as the writers, but wish I could find out why the changed the name and who was receiving songwriting credits, etc. under Blanco Meow 😉
  9. I saw them in Harrisburg. They had the record, but I just glanced at the merch for a second. I peeked at the hype sticker and I swear it said ‘green shimmer’, but I may be wrong. I figured it would be on Discogs by now.
  10. Release date is 11/05 and they’ve posted actual photos (no mockups) so hopefully the NFG store orders ship soon!
  11. Have an OG, but in for the remaster. Grabbed an /800 since the variant looks awesome. EZ
  12. Bummed ‘Constant Static’ wasn’t in the tracklist BUT noticed it on Rev’s tracklist so I think they just forgot to add it to the tracklist on the band’s store
  13. in honor of the new blink album i've decided to change my username

  14. Looks like they fixed the shipping. Still came to $41 for the /1500.. eek. I wanted the /500 but I’m good without those extras.
  15. Ugh $16 shipping for the standalone also. Hoping they fix that shit since the UO variant is $40 and it’s from UO
  16. NFG FTSTYS Part II tomorrow at 11am EST. Updated artwork and bundles. Definitely will pick up. Love the OG artwork more though. I know everyone’s feelings about 10” records, but a double 10” would have been cool to shelve alongside 1 + 3! https://www.instagram.com/p/CyTmz6hgtuD/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  17. New Bad Cop/Bad Cop 7” https://fatwreck.com/collections/new-releases/products/shattered
  18. Looking for first/early pressing of ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’ (plain white innersleeve, not clear) on standard black. There's a ton on Discogs, but a quarter of the sellers actually reply to me. muthafuckas. HOOK IT UP PLEASE
  19. bump not sure why I’m on this Victory kick, but also looking for TBS’ WYWTB on either blue or green (1st press)
  20. Hmmm.. SoCo EP, Catalyst and FTX are all on Geffen. Unless they licensed one of them.
  21. Looking for a copy on blue or green from the first pressing on Victory
  22. These are going up at 10am PST tomorrow with an 11/07 street date. Pillar members get first dibs two hours prior. LTTW is a double LP w/ Forget December, I Want To Save You (Acoustic) and Konstantine on Side D. Clear w/ white splatter. North is a single LP and bonus 10” w/ Watch The Sky, This Broken Heart, Unravel (Björk cover) and Space (Live Acoustic). Red w/ white splatter. Pillar members get a signed lyric booklet for each release. I signed up for Pillar so I’d nab copies. I’d rather just standard black for both and no signed booklet, but these things are going to sell like hotcakes. So 🤷🏻‍♂️

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