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  1. Ugh, missed it. I’ll be in line for any extras anyone may have https://www.discogs.com/user/brianhoussock570/collection
  2. If you check out their Instagram story, a vinyl remaster has been completed for Lady Melody via The Blasting Room! 🥳 Hopefully we get a chance to buy and spin copy before the end of this year!
  3. Looking like a 10” by the labels, no? I’m down for a copy. Just hate that cringy rapper guy haha doesn’t really work
  4. Jade Jackson - Wilderness http://mx2.kingsroadmerch.com/ls/click?upn=FZEFqN17gNUI9UIyHUmeALOGacieLmHBDJ7c9kaERa-2BwDME8CUSQ97qWJtUCOh2rQ1TOd44kfR5tszNzJlOCOEDuqcJeA0V4Hpkj6OlFhsBCKcs5X3BJVx-2FIcIsSDNd6B0wn_SICpncoja9MOYsqAHMtZrm68Ymp29RuP8t2jziwGs95-2FKC0u-2Bw7NNxAoVEiWd-2BGqFVQ1VbLVTxSOtVNrSLo7UQsrevuTNl5z9XmtdQjlpRrws16UcSi3OFT-2BFH0jz5-2BQXjJbBAwVOKoJvyGpVTLnewk-2FijkbJRJ5pxXGPP2ef4IW0qoO67SxEiP6xrakl6yMKn07lFh9FDEDw0qdzCdEET4Fs-2FC-2FcUGCPNVIM3Hkeyc-3D
  5. Interested in both as long as sound quality isn’t terrible. I’ve wanted a copy of ‘A Mark..’ for awhile, but heard it sounds like poo (og and reissue) same as ‘Dusk And Summer’.
  6. This is out and shipping now. Missed the coke bottle when they announced it awhile back. Reminds me of ‘Charmer’ era TJ a little bit.
  7. Bad Cop/Bad Cop - This Ride (should work 5 times) https://u2955889.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=domfbLmOGzEsM99l7US2S2id-2FuRt982H81qMgQPzKv2gYaUG-2BFDqVgxqY8EMpeay2lmIrsWDaCTVDMzJdzvxcIzxMkCAUycpDG739ni8Lmg-3DSb47_SICpncoja9MOYsqAHMtZrm68Ymp29RuP8t2jziwGs96351Nx1rzTuZs05F-2FCFs22cDBeZd912nn55-2BmGUoZZ8S7MtZ-2FuI-2FUFmtv3SaVSioGHKpHINPV725-2Fn9yQQZGBAqcq3sIkxiidvt9Q0-2BY9YAcX8QQIqjtT4gxqRWZnN6umWkR6dW3fLBlkMR4tQeNjBtXinBgyt5gHMFE2wFmILOwjTaKOK-2Fg-2Fu0xBy-2BXOmJQY-3D
  8. No shipping notification yet, but the new BC/BC is tight
  9. Comeback Kid - Turn It Around (not sure why it took me so long to buy this on wax) www.dropcards.com/vinyl WR7FJX69VG
  10. Does he ever have sales/promo codes. Been wanting that Dave Melillo LP, but not for $23+ There are cheap copies on Discogs, but I need that DL! and I think that’s the only place to get it
  11. fucking love this ep! Stumbled across it when it came out
  12. Also here’s their bandcamp link. I believe today they are giving 100% to bands/labels https://thousandislandsrecords.bandcamp.com/merch
  13. Grabbed a blue splat! Always knew about this album, but got their second one just last year. Wayyy late to the game