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  1. I made 2 orders on the same bank card. The first one for $17.62 and the second for $19.94. I had charges from Amazon of $17.62 and $11.39. I called Amazon and they explained to me that the first order for $17.62 is shipping in full so I have the full charge showing up. Only 1 of the records on the second order is shipping as the other is backordered. So they are charging me the proportionate amount of $19.94($19.94 + $14.99 = $34.93; $19.94/$34.93 = 57.09%; $19.94 x 57.09% = $11.39). The other $8.55 will be charged when the backordered item is shipped. So it looks like this only effects people that made multiple orders where one of the orders had a backordered item, but the orders should still go through.
  2. I did a google search for the UPC listed on the Best Buy pre-order and found this http://www.bullmoose.com/p/18204883/girl-band-the-early-years-limited-editi. This seems to match everything other than Red House Painters in the Best Buy description. Just a heads up for anyone that has ordered or is considering ordering with Best Buy.
  3. I think this is going to go through. I sent an inquiry to Amazon.ca customer service to verify that it is the vinyl LP box set and got the following reply: I understand your concern in this situation. I can confirm that this is the vinyl LP box set as is listed. I can assure you will receive the correct item. Upon delivery, the item's packaging indicates that it is not what you expected or is contrary to the information listed on our site, you may return it for a full refund. You'll find our returns policy, instructions, and a printable return mailing label online at: http://www.amazon.ca/returns We hope to see you again soon. Best regards, Gavin P.