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  1. I'm in the same boat. Plus with all the stuff that's coming out, my wallet is suffering
  2. Anyone know anything about the silver variant that just popped up on eBay? Was it in the euro store for a while and now it's gone or what? Variant collecting hurts my soul.
  3. Really? That's kind of a bummer. Hopefully somebody snagged a few extras to send to international fans?
  4. We didn't have a color option for North America either. Every time one sells out it seems they just throw another color in (purple first, then the black, then white, and from what I'm hearing now, the rare invisible variant??)
  5. Yeah that's what I said. I emailed their support email to ask about it. Now we wait...
  6. Hey guys, hoping the drumhead issue gets solved soon. I missed out, So I sent PMs to a few people who said they didn't want theirs. If anyone got the drumhead, and doesn't want it, let me know, and I'll be happy to take it off your hands. I've got a good rep on ebay and I can do paypal or whatever. PM me please. Thank you so much!
  7. Hey guys, As a Blink-182 memorabilia collector, I'm always looking for new things to search for. One way I do this is by looking at other collector's websites. However, many of them are old and I can no longer tell who is still an active collector, and who has sold off their entire collection. I'd also like to get a network of collectors to make finding those "sought-after" items a little easier to obtain. Feel free to post picture(s) of your collection, as I would love to see them. Any rare items that you have vast knowledge about? Tell the story, post a picture and spread the wisdom. Thanks in advance, and happy collecting. I'm always available to try to help you find items. I may even have duplicates to sell to you. I'll post pictures of my collection as soon as I get the chance. Ask me anything! Happy Collecting! -BlinkandPanic
  8. I actually do love the sound of the "grainy" demo tapes. Honestly my favorite blink songs are from flyswatter and the buddha demo tape.
  9. I actually have seen Stan's collection, and bought a few things off of him. It is incredible the stuff he has. My collection is about the size of his, but is more new stuff, while Stan's is all older stuff. I'm mostly looking for people who own the cassette, but don't have pictures up online. I've seen all of the ones on the internet... I think anyways. But thanks for the replies!