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  1. The pops and clicks on my copies of House of 1000 Corpses and Devils Rejects are INSANE. On my third clean and still no progress.
  2. Fuck this thing looks amazing and massive, can’t do $500 atm with vacation coming up but oof This will be on my mind
  3. No I’m looking to ask something for the record specifically. Basically I want to know if the LP version has the long pinion intro that builds up then winds down before going straight into terrible lie or if it just starts with terrible lie
  4. I usually refuse to listen to new albums front to back till it hits my turn table but I’m getting kinda annoyed that this was released on Friday and my copy is still sitting in pre shipment from the slipknot store
  5. I have all of those but I appreciate the response
  6. Haven’t been on this tread too much but does anybody here collect/sell/trade horror vhs? is this the place for that? im a huge horror fan/collector and I’m looking to buy/trade some tapes. I have a huge box of tapes I have duplicates of I’m trying to get rid of but I’d like them to go to a good home and possibly expand my collection as well.
  7. Not hard at all BUT when you do DJ all vinyl it gets a bit annoying having to adjust your master volume for one song when certain things are already set.
  8. Ordered with a quickness! Seen these guys a few years ago and Jesse was super sick so he said he’d try his best but he maybe only did like one song. After that he said “anybody knows the songs get up here and sing em” I got up and did Grandfather and Like a Cat even though I probably botched the lyrics a bit. Fun show even though I caught whatever Jesse had I was sick for weeks lol
  9. Just got my blue copy in. No shipping notification
  10. Especially since it’s own thread was made 2 hours before the bumps.
  11. For some reason I read charge right away. That what my answer was for, it charges right away.