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  1. Ordered with a quickness! Seen these guys a few years ago and Jesse was super sick so he said he’d try his best but he maybe only did like one song. After that he said “anybody knows the songs get up here and sing em” I got up and did Grandfather and Like a Cat even though I probably botched the lyrics a bit. Fun show even though I caught whatever Jesse had I was sick for weeks lol
  2. Especially since it’s own thread was made 2 hours before the bumps.
  3. For some reason I read charge right away. That what my answer was for, it charges right away.
  4. I’m a full time bartender, and I take home cash everyday, BUT I don’t keep it all in my bank at all times, I only want to go to the bank when I have to put money in my account around the time my auto billing comes out. only reason why is I would forget. If Bullmoose sent an email for preorders before it would take money out i wouldn’t be worried about it, but my incoming record list is pretty big and I sometimes forget about things I’ve preordered until I get shipping confirmation.
  5. This was really a tough one to decide between Run Out and Bullmoose. Run Out is the label that’s putting it out so I’m sure they’d get them first, the charge tax which came out to about $218. Both BM and ROG have free shipping. Bullmoose doesn’t charge till it ships but who’s knows if you’ll have that money in your account come that time. Bullmoose doesn’t accept PayPal which is kinda a bummer since I have Paypal credit which is awesome. So I went with ROG since I could pay $218 within the span of 6 months with 0 interest with PayPal credit. Was a tough decision. I don’t think I’ve ever canceled anything with Bullmoose. Losing out on the points though is tough.
  6. I already have the original box set, BUT I still picked this up. Gotta complete that Type O collection.
  7. Honestly had no idea, and there was no thread about it.
  8. Highly sought after record though, much needed repress.
  9. 250 on Blue with Orange and White Splatter https://store.prostheticrecords.com/item/73118 Light Blue with Aqua and Red Splatter https://www.bullmoose.com/p/30409811/acacia-strain-wormwood-light-blue-with-aqua-red-splattered-vinyl
  10. How was there no mention of this?? https://store.prostheticrecords.com/item/73118