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  1. Bootleg shirts get made (at least by me and all the people I know that are in the bootleg T-shirt game) because a lot of bands (legacy bands) don’t pay attention to detail or just don’t care. Nor does any one of us want to spend an arm and leg getting a “vintage” NIN tee that was probably used as a cum rag at one point. We want these shirts to rep our favorite bands and give people the opportunity to as well. My thought process about the whole thing is anybody that wants a shirt should be able to get one and not have to spend upwards of $300+ Supporting some dude that’s found a shirt for $10 at goodwill or whatever. I respect the hustle but I will never support a dude who’s house probably smells like musty sweat because he’s just sitting and flipping goodwill shirts from the 80s and 90s. Specifically that VintageMiner dude on ig. Fuck that clown. ANYWAYS if the band sees now that there’s a market for their old designs and decides to re release them that’s awesome, good for them, BUT as a person that does this on the side I know it probably cost them about $18 tops to make that longsleeve shirt. Selling em each for $60 is dumb, someone just did that long sleeve not long ago, puff print and everything, hugest quality and looks amazing and was selling for $35 each. I’ll forever support this band, I buy records, posters, tickets, and official merch from them all the time but that price point is fucking dumb.
  2. Damn, I remember seeing these guys on Bring me the Horizons first US tour. Almost forgot about them. Will definitely be grabbing both when they drop.
  3. Need that coke bottle with green and splatter though if anybody sees another one of those please dm.
  4. Revolver exclusive. https://shop.revolvermag.com/collections/type-o-negative/products/type-o-negative-dead-again-lp-limited-edition-only-500-made-olive-black-swirl-vinyl