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  1. Don’t buy/sell to iamcameronvale on discogs. guy purchased something from me, after a week when I messaged him and asked when he was sending payment he says oh I can’t send it for another week, so I canceled his order then he proceeds to leave me negative feedback stating I’m a flipper because I was selling the Friday the 13th part 2 soundtrack for $65 LOL. ALSO most of his feedback he never ships people’s orders or pays for them. He’s a Scammer. [email protected]
  2. From my understanding MOV have a contract with roadrunner, so A LOT of Roadrunner back catalog will be pressed/repressed. Get ready for them Type O presses.
  3. I realized on the shorts bundle when you choose sizes it says :Girls shorts. Is that a typo?
  4. I bought the shorts package on the test site knowing they were the same brand ones Every Time I Die had on warped tour last year. I wear them all the time (even though they’re considered swim trunks) they’re amazing.
  5. Even though I’m sure a bunch of people already ordered, including me. Hopefully we don’t get a canceled order.
  6. Looking for a copy of this, hit me up if you’re looking to part with one. Paypal ready.
  7. Still waiting on my /100 bundle with flag. Was supposed to be here two days ago. Says arriving late, hope it’s not actually lost.
  8. Watch they’ll get to you damaged and they won’t do anything about it.
  9. I get that BUT I do DJ all vinyl “goth” nights so it would just be cool to spin, nobody would notice.
  10. Sorry to keep bumping this but anyone know where I can find that white ACSS for cost?! Dude I was going to buy it from turned around and sold it to someone else.