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  1. $40 for a flag and /100 record is a steal. Shit now days it’s almost 40 just for a 2XLP from some labels/distros
  2. I could have sworn RSD was 4/21 this year and now I’m seeing 4/13 am I trippin?
  3. This should be like common practice, especially from a record label that has been around since like what 05? But don’t take customers money for a pre order until everything is finalized, tests are approved, and records are being pressed. They Should have delt with the licensing issues before initial production. Tragic indeed.
  4. I was actually more stoked about the MOV pressing. Yeah it had the extra disk and the color is cool but the expanded booklet with like all the high res stuff came out amazing. And it sounds so fucking amazing.
  5. They also have official Merch in the RoadRunner store so there’s no doubt we are getting proper represses.
  6. Worst reason to bump a old thread
  7. I was just thinking a few days ago like where the hell is Year Zero, With Teeth, and Social Network represses!? It’s been two years since announced
  8. I know this but it’s still been well over the when I should have gotten it
  9. I ordered from sound of vinyl when they originally went up and still haven’t gotten it in. Says it shipped but it’s been like 20days