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  1. Due to the pandemic of COVID-19 as a bartender I’ve been put out of work with no other income. Really need these records gone to help with bills. Price is shipped within the CONUS, just please cover PPfees. Zao - Funeral of God - Clear/gold splatter $50 iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook - Coke bottle clear $80 La Dispute - Rooms of the House - Blue/Purple Starburst - $50 Lydia - Illuminate - Sea Blue - $90 Chance the Rapper - Acid Rap - Pink/Blue swirl Official press - $90 Ghost - Meliora - HT Grey Smoke - $85
  2. Just picked up a Sony STR-DH190 And I hooked everything up but when I have my audio input (turntable to preamp to input) plugged into phono input I’m getting really distorted output sound but when plugged into “input 1” it sounds fine. Anybody know a solution?
  3. I think that’s what happened then. It’s 25 without download $30 with download
  4. They had a bunch extra that they put online since the album release show fell through. So they sold more than 200. Also mine came with the picture disk but it’s because I asked them for it since I had every other variant, just going to switch the record release sleeve with my tour variant
  5. Just got an email from them. This band is so about pleasing their fans it’s crazy. “Hi there, We are getting ready to ship out your signed record release vinyl, and wanted to clarify that the vinyl colors on this sale are a mixture of our three exclusive colors: Flesh & Blood, "The Cutter" Picture Disc, and Glass & Liquid Metal. Although in the item picture, Flesh & Blood vinyl was featured, because of exclusivity, this sale is a grab bag of one of the three exclusive colors, each out of 1000. If you have a specific request for a color, possibly because you already have another, please respond to this email and let us know and we will try out best to fulfill that, though we cannot guarantee it. Thank you so much for your support during these times. CODE ORANGE”
  6. Record release version up now get it fast https://store.codeorangetoth.com/collections/infearoftheend_drop/products/underneath-record-release-exclusive-vinyl
  7. Nope, only the ones purchased from the bands web store. CO is on top of their shit unlike roadrunner, just wish I was getting the vinyl on release date and not a week after
  8. Chance the Rapper - Acid Rap Official Press - Blue/Pink marble - Never played/ still sealed only opened the side to view color. $100 shipped plus PPfees Armor for sleep - What to Do When You are Dead - Pink - only played once $85 shipped plus PPfees.