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  1. I’m a total idiot and had no idea NIB was coming out till I just seen 1234 post about it. Guess I need to look at the list better.
  2. Standard on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Facelift-Alice-Chains/dp/B08JGVP1GN
  3. I got my deluxe in. Came flawless and looks great. A little confused why the 7” jacket is like sealed though? I had to razor blade the top to undo the flap to get the disk out. Anybody else?
  4. Solid State are up now but website wont load for me
  5. I’m in the bootleg shirt game, I did a broken shirt a while ago. My buddy is doing a further down the spiral shirt coming up. Anybody feels like following on stuff we got going on it’s boothammertees on Instagram.
  6. I think the Batman & Robin soundtrack is the only smashing pumpkins I’ll be buying this time.
  7. I love how relapse always does better variants after the first press lol
  8. If we’re on the subject of Manson boots, this is the best shirt EVER!
  9. i have stuff in my cart, took me to paypal, getting ready to finish now it wont load to complete checkout
  10. Can’t find anywhere to listen to it, since I’m on my phone
  11. I’m so fucking happy they’ve started to print shirts on Comfort Colors and not that Gildan slim fit crap.
  12. Nice, I’m for it. Wondering what that price will be.
  13. Nice, I’m for it. Wondering what that price will be.
  14. Got mine today from holy mountain, but unfortunately with the biggest seam split I've ever gotten.
  15. Such a cash grab of a release. Really basic. Cool it got repressed but damn the art looks shot and the finished product didn’t look like the mockups.