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  1. He was fighting for a while. May he rest peacefully. Still remember the first time I heard his voice, an amazing talent gone far too soon.
  2. JB is doing 20% off his store for the weekend starting now…still a handful of the mixed media Jane Doe pieces left.
  3. $8.78 shipping. Ridiculous. I really want this, but I'm not trying to drop $35+ on it. Wish a retail variant would pop up that I could order through Bullmoose.
  4. Mine came in a yazoo, but I also ordered the timed litho along with it. I'll post pics tonight. Grant's link isn't working for me (might be the firewall at work). Twatay's is gorgeous.
  5. Thanks for posting. Picked up a handful of records, mostly christmas albums.
  6. Yeah, I would like to see as well. Didn't even think to check out expressobeans. Will try to photograph mine tonight - it is heavy in the reds and oranges and I love it.
  7. There's a 2nd pressing of this with 3 variants each supposedly limited to 100. They're all 25% off now when you add them to cart for a Black Friday sale: https://18vmerch.com/collections/inferno
  8. Easily one of my favorite albums of the year. So many earworms here to focus on during future listens. Obviously this isn't the typically cathartic Converge record, but there's still a healthy dose of aggression to be found. This is an experiment on a grand scale - feels cinematic in scope.
  9. Target is running their B2G1 again and vinyl is included this round.
  10. Says it is for wholesale, but definitely not at wholesale pricing, so who knows.
  11. It's available on bullmoose: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/35316314/the-hope-conspiracy-death-knows-your-name-deluxe-black-in-beer-vinyl
  12. Indie exclusive on bullmoose: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/35307136/drug-church-hygiene-bone-blue-yellow-twist-vinyl
  13. Missed the limited, may just go with the standard on this one. New song is fantastic, as always.
  14. Could always order this and then cancel your Devoid order.
  15. For what it's worth, it's not showing up for me when I just search for it on merchnow's page. Only through that solid state storefront whose backend is through merchnow.
  16. I ordered from Vitus and haven't gotten any shipping notification. Funny enough, the order that arrived 1st were the Euro variants, go figure.
  17. Copped one after I got out of a meeting, thanks for posting!
  18. I want the record, but no way I'm dropping $75 on that package.
  19. Yeah, I'm curious as to how this ever gets mixed up to begin with?
  20. Cheapest I've found is on popmarket: https://www.popmarket.com/antichrist-superstar-colored-vinyl/2999999085588 Was able to use code THANKS10 to get this to $35.xx shipped.

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