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  1. You're not alone, I neglected to really think about this until I had them in hand. Makes it very stressful to ensure everything is perfectly lined up to even spin these.
  2. Ordered both but separately since Savior wasn't up initially. Hopefully merchtable will combine the orders after the fact.
  3. Yeah, agree. Had it not been the remaster I'd have picked it up.
  4. Also, for what it's worth, Velocity records did confirm on instagram that this pressing of Waiting is the remaster from a few years back.
  5. My assumption is that the combo album shows won't be the full album - but I know the Philly and NJ venue websites are advertising them as both albums in their entirety...
  6. Well this is a pleasant surprise. I'm in for a ticket. Don't love the upcharge for the "gratis" t-shirt, but hey, it's Glassjaw. They keep shit aggravatin'. Not splurging on a 2nd ticket because I'm not sure I know anyone else who still cares about these albums like I do. Not in real life at least.
  7. Thought they did a bang up job with the livestream - and that new song was fantastic!
  8. Picked up the Coke Bottle - love this EP. Grabbed a BMR t-shirt too, for good measure.
  9. Honestly, I'm just confused at this point lol. On one of Anthony's instagram posts: The live concert performance of blue sky noise airs on Friday with a very special bonus for those watching the first broadcast. get tickets the link in my bio @circasurvive. In the comments I read folks saying it was a pre-recorded set, and given the footage teased I assumed it was a previously recorded live set. But thinking back on it, I guess that BSN tour never even kicked off before the pandemic hit, right? So that wouldn't make sense....I guess we'll all find out tonight.
  10. Looks like this is a pre-recorded concert rather than a new live performance. Still excited to check it out, but kinda feels like it was advertised incorrectly.
  11. They "sold out" of the version that includes a live stream ticket, but the vinyl-only option is available. Didn't make a decision on this yesterday - that Patreon one still hanging around?
  12. Is there any info on where they're shooting the livestream? Is this a studio sorta thing or are they performing their full stage show?
  13. Never realized they had a Patreon going. Guess that makes sense that Anthony has been pretty inactive on Instagram for the last year plus... Debating if I want to order the "standard" or wait for the more limited live stream version. Patreon is the nicest looking, but I don't think I'm down to sign up on a monthly basis.
  14. True - for what it's worth, I got a response within an hour after replying to the automated response.
  15. Still wanna know if this is the remaster or not. Anyone who got the digital code, are you able to differentiate?
  16. Man, I saw CCA post pics of the jackets the other day and I was secretly hoping it meant new music was on the way...
  17. August 28th at the Wiltern in LA September 25th at Webster Hall in NYC
  18. Maybe they'll press Live at the House of Blues.
  19. Curious to see what they do for a thrice box set!
  20. Yeah, there are a ton of different colors - once I realized, it made the decision much harder. The extra track has me considering...
  21. I might have this - will have to dig through some boxes that never got opened up after moving.

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