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  1. It's definitely encouraging to hear they're re-thinking how this will apply. I think if they can raise the threshold and eliminate the ambiguity with how it is applied, then most of us will come out unscathed. Then again, I could be totally naive...
  2. Only Glassjaw could make me feel like a I got a bargain in regard to spending over 100 bucks just to get 2 goddamn EPs on vinyl that I'm dying to have.
  3. Of course it is, since I finally caved and ordered last week. It never popped up anywhere else and it wasn't eligible for site promo codes, so I expected it to be excluded from any BF sales. I saw both Something Corporate records sold out, and decided it wasn't worth risking and waiting any longer for another retailer to stock it.
  4. I just tried to checkout with 1 record and they wanted $14 for shipping lol.
  5. The checkout page said not to refresh, but I didn't see anyone else posting about having an issue so I went ahead and refreshed and was able to check out immediately. I went with the /1000 bundle and then grabbed the /2000 variants for Big Dirty and Last Night. My shipping was "USPS under 4 lbs" and cost $21.25!
  6. Still in line to checkout.....the suspense is killing me.
  7. Yet, we both paid for it. Not a lot of bands I'd do this for these days, but I made an exception for DH.
  8. Show was incredible. So glad I got off the couch. Hoping they have @jbannon make gig posters for the shows coming up this weekend in Mass and Jersey.
  9. Lovely - and their packaging is about as chintzy as it gets. Edit: I just went on to check myself. I put 2 records in cart, and the only shipping option is "UPS Below 1 lb" and it's $16.82. WTF!
  10. What was the pricing on their merch? Now I'm curious. I have a ticket for Philly tonight that I'm on the fence about going for, but I'm definitely hitting Starland on Saturday for that stacked lineup.
  11. Anyone hit up any of the recent shows? Curious as to what they're lugging around vinyl wise and if there is anything tour-exclusive...
  12. Darkest Hour is back, Perpetual/Terminal out on Feb 23 2024. All variants look to be available at BC, including a BC exclusive /100. Perpetual | Terminal | Darkest Hour (bandcamp.com) The others are also available here: MNRK Heavy: Your Destination for MNRK Heavy Vinyl and Merch
  13. I've got no sympathy for any business that can't take 30 seconds to send a reply email to confirm they updated your shipping address as requested. Especially when they have enough time to post on social media all the time. I've personally had good experiences with them, but they provided poor customer service imo. So I echo porkdad's sentiments.
  14. Such a simple idea yet not one that had occurred to me. Totally stealing this.
  15. hahaha....well that was something I definitely shouldn't have clicked on while at my desk at work.
  16. These will be the other variants available - they really pressed quite a few of these! Ultra Clear w/ Orange and Dark Blue Splatter /100 *WILD ROSE EXCLUSIVE* Half White / Half Dark Blue /150 *WILD ROSE EXCLUSIVE* Transparent Orange w/ Light Blue Splatter /200 *HOLY MOUNTAIN EXCLUSIVE* White inside Transparent Blue w/ Orange Splatter /250 *BBB EXCLUSIVE*
  17. I got the preparing to ship email from Bullmoose today - will hopefully have this on my turntable by the weekend!
  18. Has this popped up anywhere other than Udiscover yet? I’ve been on vacation so I haven’t had a chance to poke around the web per usual…
  19. Yep, same here. My guess is the only exclusive part about that drop were the signed booklets which I don’t personally have a need for.
  20. Keith's new band is apparently filming a music video on October 1st on long island....how amazing would it be if Ben Weinman was in it?! lmfao. It would be so on-brand for all these guys.

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