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  1. Anyone know anything about this? I've not contacted anyone yet, just seeing if I've missed a delayed announcement before getting in touch.
  2. I understand UO and even amazon not knowing how to ship a record properly. But you think a place called recordstore would have it nailed. I've gambled because I wanted the alt cover but hopefully only shipping in the UK won't be too bad.
  3. 20th year anniversary exclusive alt cover. Limited to 500. https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/Almost-Famous/Almost-Famous-20th-Anniversary-Exclusive-Vinyl-Edition/6ZID14GI000 Standard 2LP. https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/recordstore/Almost-Famous-20th-Anniversary-2LP/6ZIB0000000 More here if the above links stay down. https://shop.udiscovermusic.com/collections/almost-famous-20th-anniversary
  4. I'm way more excited for this than I probably should be. In for the Cherry Gergich.
  5. They announced on insta that this will stay in press and be back around Christmas time for anyone who missed it!
  6. I'm hoping after 9 years he's found it.
  7. Damn, wasn't fussed until the 10 things I hate about you soundtrack. Damn Walmart not shipping to the UK!
  8. Agreed. The whole thing screams of people who aren't used to getting what they want/their own way. Happy to finally own this. If I had missed out, i'd keep an eye on the second hand market until one appeared for a decent price or a trade.
  9. SPRCLN25 25% off everything but pre orders.
  10. Yeah custom made from a local company, happy with the finished product but took a lot longer than buying something ready made!
  11. https://www.ccmusic.com/take-this-to-your-grave-fbr-25th-anniversary-edition/075678645594 Also here apparently with potential discount codes courtesy of @xfactor675

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