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  1. This. Although it's missing Prom Tonight which is a shame.
  2. That's awesome man! Politics in general is a split subject, for example his 'help' for kids to go to university comes after he raised the fees from £3,000 per year to £9,000 a couple of years back. He's also trying to privatise the NHS which in my opinion is the greatest thing this country has going for us. Just leave it alone.
  3. Really? Granted I've never actually looked into it but a high level view of the media over here and he's portrayed pretty well. We'll happily swap Cameron for him.
  4. If a lot of people feel like that though, surely that just gives even more chance to the passionate idiots supporting Trump?
  5. I'm learning stuff today! Makes sense I suppose, just seems a shame when (from an outsider point of view), you've got a good president in place now and he's got to be replaced by one of a few that don't seem to match up.
  6. Question, what's the benefit for not keeping a president for more than 2 terms? Surely (a bit like in football), having someone at the helm for an extended period of time gives them a chance to build something. Rather than starting again every 8 (I think that's it) years?
  7. So is it a case of the idiots shouting louder at this stage? Who should I be cheering for? Clinton or Bernie?
  8. Question from across the pond, how has Trump got this far? I thought it started as a joke but it's gone on a bit too long now. Is there a realistic chance that he'll get in? It even got brought up in Parliament over here to ban him from ever entering the UK.
  9. Haha I was just in the thread trying to work that out. It sounds great too so I'm gutted about that!
  10. This is new, I'm totally down for this. Hopefully this doesn't end up with me wearing nothing like last time I played.