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  1. If they are the same one they sold at their live shows last year, then they are original sealed copies. They brought out and sold all kinds of “new” old stuff left over from their 90’s early 2000’s hay day for sale.
  2. Up on US Amazon now also at $99. Gonna ride out a preorder and maybe cancel in the hopes of catching a crazy temporary price drop.
  3. So, after going back and reading most of the thread (again), I still can't really get a good grasp on which version everyone thinks is superior- the non-rainbo one?
  4. I preordered 5/10 also. Haven't gotten a cancellation notice. I emailed them today to make sure all is good- no response yet.
  5. Super big thanks to @Kilgore Troutfor coming through on this for me- got it in the Mail today- sounds great- so happy- thanks again-
  6. Man, this is the nicest thing anyone has done for me in forever- super appreciate it! Yay!
  7. Melody Supreme just cancelled my preorder for the white-
  8. Just saw this- hope it hasn't been posted- bleep is the only place I've found so far- https://bleep.com/release/70347-battles-battles-repress-bundle?utm_source=Bleep&utm_campaign=e95b032b07-Battles_EP_Represses2_10_2016&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_db8ca97389-e95b032b07-1548769
  9. Seabed Terror, the song on the 7", was stuck in my head for months. Really liked their first album a lot too. Eidolon was good, but didn't hit me the same way. Great band though-
  10. This album is so good. I'm usually a very casual - listen once or twice in the first week kind of consumer, but listened to this 4x consecutively today. It's great.
  11. I'm shocked that in 2015 you don't have a digital copy of your favorite album.

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