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Status Updates posted by DecayToDeath

  1. I'll stay optimistic and not judge the new site for another few days...

  2. 5,000 posts. Woot woot!

    1. Derek™


      Thank you based Small Talk Thread.

    2. Shelby


      Oh man doh man

  3. I haven't changed my avatar since I joined this site.

  4. Thank you to EVERYONE who took part in my Secret Santa gift. Y'all are the best

  5. Star Wars was pretty rad.

  6. What's on my mind? Uhh...I have a calc test tomorrow. That sucks, I guess.

  7. Someone actually did knock me down, but I ended up hitting 500 anyway.

    1. abovetheearth


      did you delete my comment?

    2. DecayToDeath


      No, just updated my status.

  8. Reputation at 499. I'm destined to be one away for life.

    1. abovetheearth


      no you know ppl are going to knock it down so you never reach 500

    2. A-Bon


      there you go ;)

  9. Fallout 4 is pretty great.

  10. Fallout 4 came out today, and I won't have my copy until tomorrow. Now the REAL waiting begins.

  11. Fitter/Happier/More productive/Comfortable/Not drinking too much/Regular exercise at the gym/3 days a week/Getting on better with your associate employee contemporaries/At ease/Eating well/No more microwave dinners and saturated fats/A patient, better driver/A safer car/Baby smiling in back seat/Sleeping well/No bad dreams/No paranoia/Careful to all animals/Never washing spiders down the plug hole/Keep in contact with old friends/Enjoy a drink now and then/Will frequently check credit at mora...

    1. noalarmplanet


      OK Computer is and remains my favorite of theirs.

    2. DecayToDeath


      To my eyes, the best (not my favorite, but the BEST) album to come out of the last 20 years.

  12. Travis hasn't even been gone for three days and someone already tried to take his job...

  13. Mythbusters: Mike from Hot Topic's legitimacy

  14. I need a saga. What's the saga?

  15. Hi Dingleberry17, how ya doin'?

  16. Not much, how about you?

    1. futures


      hahahaha this is good

  17. I'm really beating myself up over the PopPunkRadio situation :(

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. hippielauryn


      listen to the King. It's the internet, people are jerks and it will all be ok.

    3. HoneyFrosted


      Despite what they say, internet is not srs bsnss.

    4. TheGhostOfRandySavage


      Stop. You made a mistake and the dude was a baby. Chill, brotha.

  18. My post count will probably increase a lot slower, y'know, cuz school.

    1. Dominic_


      My post count will probably increase a lot faster, y'know, cuz school.

  19. If I keep spending money like this, I'm gonna form the habits to go broke as an adult :/


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