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    At the request of @iamjordanbanks, who loaned me his copy, I ripped & scanned the Nice And Blue (Pt. Two) 7". My YouTube channel has both the A- and B-sides, but I thought I'd directly link the more exciting of the two above: "In A Sweater Poorly Knit (Demo Version)"

    24/96 download + hi-res scans + lineage/info: https://decaytodeath.neocities.org/rips/nice-and-blue-pt-two.html


  2. 2 minutes ago, Sad Heart said:

    Not to be that guy, but what’s your speaker placement situation? I’m curious cause it looks like it’s maybe tucked away in the corner? I love good speaker placement cause it’s (usually) free and can improve the sound of most systems with just a little tweaking. Awesome collection. How long have you been collecting? I’m guessing you have ~1,200? I love that all the boxes are up top. Plus all the Unwounds *chefs kiss*. 

    I've been collecting since January 2014 (when I was 14 years old; I am now 23). If you were to count every box set by the individual albums they contain, and include the stuff that isn't in the photo, I estimate I've got a few shy of 2k. Unwound are one of my favorite bands, admittedly I double-dipped on a couple of the more recent pressings too.

    As for the speakers, it's kind of a makeshift setup until I've got money set aside for new speakers (and/or better speaker stands than a couple of Uhaul boxes from when I moved into this place a few months back). They're triangulated to the center seat of my couch.


  3. 7 hours ago, onandonandon said:

    Went to Walmart on my lunch break and saw that the deal was still going on. Walked out with 10 records. If anyone can find a copy of Third Eye Blind's self-titled, that's the only title I am missing from this sale.

    Wish I'd seen this yesterday, they had a copy at my local when I went in for the sale

  4. 9 hours ago, rcafilm said:

    "At long last the Audiophile Black versions of the Brother, Sister Collector's Edition have finally arrived. Shipments are being prepped now so please update your address if you have moved. You can do so by contacting our customer service at [email protected]

    We ask that you continue to be patient however as it could take several weeks to fulfill all the orders. After your package is picked by up the US Postal Service and the tracking information is initially updated you will receive an automated shipping confirmation along with your tracking information."

    I thought it was weird that I got that email weeks after they had sent mine already

  5. 1 hour ago, Derek™ said:

    Did you catch that most indie stores have a translucent blue available as of today?  Not as exciting as some of these variants but still a great choice if you’re just looking to own a copy again.

    Oh, I thought that variant wasn't gonna be on shelves until sometime next year. If it's around now, then I'll have to grab one. 

  6. 1 hour ago, MacDonals said:

    Well, both copies I ordered have arrived. Better safe than sorry.

    Listening now and it sounds pretty good, although not a wide sound stage. I guess that could just be how this was mastered.

    MOV specifically just uses publicly available digital files for their masters without bothering to do a dedicated master or use source tapes or anything, I kinda stopped buying their stuff cuz I know all I'm gonna get is the same master. Don't mind a digital record or anything, but without trying to at least give it a dedicated master I find it's not worth shelling out.

  7. I've now done vinyl rips of the first 3 albums' collectors editions + I never said that I was brave, removed clicks & noise, processed, etc--trust me, they sound great. Check 'em out here, they're big improvements to the digital/CD! Lemme know what'cha think!


    I just did Brother, Sister as I got my copy last week. Hoping to get Ten Stories soonish, might buy It's All Crazy to do it as well, but hoping someone'll loan me their copy of that and/or [untitled].