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  1. I didn't feel bad buying it, sold my copies of it was hot/glow/ount erie/2020 in a bundle for $100 on reddit to offset it a little bit. Big-picture I'm "taking a loss", but Phil's high on the list of musicians who've stuck to their roots and deserve to be adequately compensated (has K records even paid him out after that whole fiasco?).

  2. Hey'all, I've been workin' for the last year or so on the first release for my new reissue label, Energy Crow Records. ECSTATIC to share it now!




    /100 I've Been Taking Translucent Blue Medicine For Three Weeks And Still No Effect
    /100 All In Oxblood

    Rather than dump a wall of text here, you can read the backstory (and pick up a copy if you're so inclined) here:


    Also available for free/PWYW on Bandcamp, and should be delivered to streaming any day now!


  3. Back when I would proxy international shipping from Hot Topic on the boards (has it been almost 8 years since I started doing this??? Holy shit!), a few tri-color versions of this record passed through my hands. Never listened to it. Thought I was too cool for TWY for some reason, defying the logic of my 15-year-old self primarily listening to All Time Low and blink-182. 


    Remembered the band existed this year and have fallen in love with the record! It'd be pretty special to me if I could, after all these years, end up with one of those tri-color variants, so consider this my ask if anybody doesn't want theirs anymore :)

  4. 1 hour ago, brandy said:

    Forgive me for asking but what do you guys not like about it??! It's absolutely majestic IMO.

    I gave it a listen the other day and thought I'd wait a few days to be in a different headspace before trying again, but that initial impression found it impressively nondescript and boring for two artists I traditionally find exciting

  5. 15 hours ago, noahbigsby said:

    Hey folks. If you haven't heard, Saint November is back and doing a pop-up store for their tenth anniversary very soon, which includes leftover copies of the first pressing of Ellipse and second pressing of Speak For Yourself on vinyl. Wonder if Tom Clarke has changed his ways ?


    Sheeeit I need one, when is it 


oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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