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  1. Scarlette Leaves was fine for me without defects, 99% of the time ppl who complain on Discogs and stuff use shitty setups or don't wet clean their records lmao
  2. yes actually! i was holding off on buying one and haven't yet
  3. In total fairness re: naming credit conventions, the die-cut outer slipcase says "converge" on it
  4. Haven't gotten my copy yet but I did get a ship notif so it's only a matter of time. I'll report back in our Cave In DMs probably.
  5. I wasn't so hot on the album when it came out and haven't really listened to it since...if it doesn't grow on me with another revisit or two you can have my DW red/blue
  6. I was pulling those hours in the ER up until the end of last month when I quit to start med school. Treating myself was the only thing that kept my head on straight. You deserve it.
  7. Really excited to hear and own this, but Numero, please reissue the box set!
  8. Last year's '90s bundle was great, but they really outdid themselves this year. Reckon if it sticks around for another few days I'll happily buy in. Also, glad I put off buying Live Leaves for so long, seeing as how this version adds December and October All Over to the tracklist. Praise be to the Numero Group!
  9. I just moved and have been too busy unpacking to price this shit. If I don't get any interest maybe I will later once the apartment looks less like the lyrics to Saddr Weirdr. This is a second account I made purely for the stuff I'm 100% willing to let go of without needing to be convinced first. https://www.discogs.com/user/DeathToDecay/collection Here's the full list, but don't feel like you need to look at it, because chances are I won't wanna let go of anything else without a sob story and a chunk of change. https://www.discogs.com/user/DecayToDeath/collection
  10. ...and furthermore, does anyone here have word about how the originals sound? I know they're crammed to one disc, that's why I'm curious
  11. Pretty sure the masters for LP1 went up in a fire, so I wonder what they did to source this
  12. jesus christ can i just get the regular lp without the frills
  13. edit: it works but nobody picks up no matter which button you pick at the menu
  14. They handle a ton of artists' merchandise stores. Anybody had luck contacting their customer service? Some friends and I wanted to do a group buy on a record that ended up selling out within a day or two. I bought three copies of the first press so we could save on the import shipping, and when it showed up, there was one copy in the box. This was a month ago, and despite contact through bandcamp AND the direct Sandbag (who handles NTS' merch) email, I've heard absolutely nothing. The automatic reply they send that says "we got your email" states it should be 1 business day before they reply, and I'd say a week is reasonable if they're slammed, but a MONTH is absolutely absurd. So my question is, how do I get in contact? Do they have a phone line that anybody's aware of? Parent company I can Karen to?
  15. The Loser gives Moon a run for its money. Add a tally to your list of bands who came back and totally delivered with it.
  16. What exactly is this? I know the silk Sonic exclusive went up months ago, otherwise I’d maybe think it was new stuff?
  17. straight up classic, you will not regret it
  18. Wow, I recognize you from PTDS. Small world?
  19. I've been graced with the opportunity to reissue (what I consider to be) one of the best albums ever made. Happy 10-year anniversary to Narrowing Type! For those unfamiliar, it's a wonderful blend of sounds pulling from influences like Low, The American Analog Set, Stereolab, and a whole slew of other brilliant musicians. It got overlooked at time of release, but has garnered a decently-sized cult following over the last decade, and today, on the 10-year anniversary of its release, I get to share the reissue. Original copies are impossible to track down at this point, so for those who've heard it, this has been a long time coming! Pre-order here: https://energycrow.com/products/gngm-narrowing-type And check out this interview with frontman Ryan Brewer to commemorate the anniversary: https://sun-13.com/2022/04/25/beyond-the-clouds-in-conversation-with-good-night-good-mornings-ryan-brewer/