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  1. I got in on the limited vinyl, where's my CD? I didn't even get any regular mail today what's the hold up.
  2. So I just got my copy of MF064 and it came with an empty sleeve from the band matchess. I was like cool bonus record. Then it was empty and was like cooler bonus empty sleeve?
  3. My buddy cosmicfade just got his copy of this and it came in a 12x3x18" box with nothing but the record inside. And the postage on the box says $3.09. He was a little upset but the record and sleeve came out just fine. Just a heads up for people.
  4. Oh my god I want that turbo kid and join us!! I see tetsuodaironman is already full up on requests so is anyone else available?!
  5. Ordered like 10 mins ago I thought it would be gone seeing as it was posted an hour ago.
  6. Yea this download from merchnow is no good. I quick downloaded it and threw it on my phone before I left the house yesterday and could tell right away it sounded off in my car. Bummer
  7. I live within 40 mins of fifth element so I decided to see how much shipping was, 7.80?! I'll just stop there or another local place instead.
  8. Uh yea me too I'm gonna need this. plus 1 for a vinyl buddy !! I'm a great guy !
  9. Got the clear perturbator and wished I got splatter, so I went with splatter this time. And a blood red behemoth! Whooo!!!