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  1. https://www.hmv.co.jp/en/artist_Dashboard-Confessional_000000000171053/item_Places-You-Have-Come-To-Fear-The-Most_10956262
  2. Little something that everyone is looking for !! https://lenoise.ca/products/dashboard-confessional-places-you-ve-come-to-fear-the-most-1?_pos=3&_sid=8090beb7f&_ss=r
  3. Sorry, I meant a real sing-a-long (hardcore style). This means singing IN the microphone ! This wasn't a hardcore show... no stage dive, no pit... no gang vocals in the microphone. Don't get me wrong, the show was amazing, but it wasn't a hardcore show like the old times... it was a rock show. I own a new super om-20 cartridge and the vinyl is clean. I'm dreaming about having an alexisonfire record pressed at pallas (germany) or RTI (USA)....
  4. They didn't play little girls laughing and pointing (and only 3 songs the first lp ) Also, the itunes originals vinyl sounds like shit. I hope the boxset will be remastered and cut properly at a good pressing plant... (Defiance records did an awful job with the original lp's) The Refused farewell tour was 100 times better (and they didn't play together for 10 years) and it was less expensive. Going at an Alexisonfire show with securty guards and no sing-a-long was weird...
  5. I have received my 2 box sets in perfect condition 128 $ each. (from amazon) Perfect condition. Thank you amazon. Nothing special, 7 album's in a box...
  6. My bad, I didn't know www.brokencircles.com was down for good. I found my answer on the 2nd page of this post And it's ordered
  7. I can't see the pictures of the vinyl on page 14
  8. I can't see the pictures of the vinyl on page 14
  9. Yes !!!! http://new.merchnow.com/products/131175
  10. Yes !!!! http://new.merchnow.com/products/131175
  11. Best boxes I found for archiving or moving http://www.fellowes.nl/fellowes/site/products/ProductDetails.aspx?Id=00648
  12. Does this version include the nice original full size booklet ?

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