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  1. I know the recent repress is readily available, but this record means a lot to me and I'd love a first pressing. Looking to pay about $50!
  2. The HT exclusive pressing of Dookie seems to be back up! Hopefully my order goes through
  3. Well, shoot... This really makes me wish I ordered it when I first saw it and had the chance. I'm happy for you though!
  4. HT is getting a Black Lines variant. Travis said so here: http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/114861-po-mayday-parade-black-lines/?p=2360320 I'd love a self-titled repress as well. I've emailed and tweeted the band a few times about it the past few years and have never gotten a response...
  5. I knew I wasn't going crazy. I'm kind of beating myself up over not snagging the bone w/ black when I had the chance... I'm really not a fan of splatter on black vinyl, but I bought it anyway.
  6. My turntable isn't that bad (not great either, though)... Just old. Over 50 years old, in fact. It was passed down to me from my father. Even though it's been kept in good shape, you're bound to run into some issues in that span of time. It can't maintain a consistent speed when on the 45 RPM mode. Fortunately, it's a quick and easy fix. I just haven't gotten around to it yet... I definitely will soon now though, as I've been waiting for this album to be pressed for years.
  7. I wish I knew this was a 45 RPM before I bought it... My table has issues with those. Although I guess this is the motivation I need to finally fix it.
  8. Got my copy today. Just to clarify for anybody who's upset about missing out, the sticker that said "black" was literally just a plain white sticker with "black" being the only word on it. If that's not a sure sign that there's a colored run on the way, I don't know what is.
  9. Finally got mine today (#614). One of the corners was a bit dinged up, but other than that, it's in pretty good condition. I'm glad I'm not going crazy... I could've sworn I saw something about it being autographed when I bought my merch bundle, but then I couldn't find anything about it in my reciept email or the website when I checked later.
  10. I'd also love to see Voices finally get pressed. I've been waiting for that one for years and it would make more sense now that Matchbook Romance is back together. Stories & Alibis would be cool as well
  11. Anyone know if SRC charges at time of shipment for pre-orders? I really want to secure these just in case since I missed the Bullmoose pre-order, but I really can't afford for them to charge me right away.
  12. So apparently Bull Moose has stopped taking pre-orders on these. They say they "may" open it for order upon release, but that doesn't sound very assuring. Glad Travis said the HT pressing numbers will be high.