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  1. Anyone got a copy for sale? Hit me up.
  2. Any variant will do. Hit me up.
  3. I swear. It never fails. Haven’t been on here since Ghosts of the great Highway was reissued. I come back and as usual, something gets announced that I have to have. How beautiful. I love the new song. Ordered ASAP. Hopefully I’ll make it to the show coming my way!
  4. Heck yeah man. I’ve owned them twice in the past and I’m just trying to get em back. I never let go of my slipmat that came with the reissue set pre order tho
  5. Yeah I paid like 50 cents less from amazon.co.uk than I did from amazon us. So it’s the same price basically.
  6. They replied to me on FB and said they’ll all be back during the summer. Thankfully.
  7. If anyone cares, just wanna state I did get the uk copy and it’s clean and quiet as can be. Jacket has a heavier contrast to it and it comes in a thicker sleeve with a flap that folds into the jacket.
  8. Does anyone know why these records are hard to find right now? Like the 2012 reissues I mean? Like they just reunited and I can’t find a copy of control or heel anywhere.
  9. 10 years I’ve been hoping for this record to be pressed and RSD is sucking me in again with Live at Sin e. Damn!
  10. I ordered it from the us rough trade. Not sure how to tell if it’s the optimal or gz press.
  11. Got my copy from rough trade and wow the difference from my amazon copy is night and day. This one is absolutely quiet. Seems most people are having good luck with rough trade. Both copies, however, did come warped but not an issue for me.