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  1. Hello everyone, I'm looking to complete my of Montreal vinyl collection, and have a few pieces I still need to obtain. If you're willing to sell any of the following, drop me a message in my inbox. Prefer vinyl to be near mint or sealed. Prices are negotiable! LPs: Cherry Peel - $45 The Gay Parade (with insert and 7") - $30 The Sunlandic Twins (clear with etched 7") - $30 Paralytic Stalks (Urban outfitters exclusive seafoam green) - $35
  2. I'm looking for the seafoam green vinyl of Paralytic Stalks, sold only at Urban Outfitters. I'm looking to buy it for around $25, but PM me if you have something in that general range, please. It doesn't have to be sealed, but I'm looking for something that is at least near-mint condition - preferably no scratches on the vinyl and as little damage to the cover as possible.