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  1. With a 2-year winning streak in hand, can I 3-peat? Am I the MJ/Kobe of VC.. ..Stay Tuned because I'm IN ladies n gents.. Where my boy @Fowty Dollaz at?!?
  2. New Vinyl Lathe press /21 release by Limousine out (7/4), awesome vaporwave tunes on limited vinyl! Tapes /50 are also available with OBI's and other cool shit: LINK EDIT: TOKYO DOME
  3. Greg has notoriously done this over the years, by the way has anyone been to the new store? Miss the older much more, also fun fact, Greg actually used to dj for Prince's afterparties in the 80's, he doesn't like talking about it though really..
  4. Finally got a special item for my 7-day streak, flexin around with that CP2106 Steelix baybay, also my 100% IV Blissey is stupid strong. Who's got a Tyranitar already??
  5. Anyone playing anymore? Gen 2 this weekend so Ima see wassup, level 32 but fell of flike everyone else..
  6. That was one hell of a crazy game, stoked to win but bummed Pats stole it, thanks everyone and The Saint for wrangling us all together on this, see you all again next year!

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