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  1. Looking for these 2. Doesn't really matter what variant it is as long as I can spin it. Hope someone can help me out.
  2. Posted this yesterday. Got refunded an hour ago. Seems that they did not update it.
  3. I contacted banquet because there's also a They're Only Chasing Safety page but that one is sold out and says an October release. (But that one was updated in 2013).
  4. https://www.banquetrecords.com/underoath/the-changing-of-times-(vinyl)/underoathtimes
  5. The problem is that there's $25 on the package slip and also a bill inside saying it's $25. I can say that I did not pay that but the only thing I have are some emails with the customer service from PUSA. And at this moment that guy is like: fix it yourself, it's not my problem that I messed up.
  6. Belgium. They've put a free pin inside so that's a plus. But still... I don't understand why they would put the price for a full LP on it. If I want to start a case about it I have to pay a €85 administration cost and maybe it doesn't even get refunded.
  7. Received my replacement cover again today and had to pay customs again because they put $25 on the package slip. So at this moment I payed around $120 for this.
  8. Ahhh ok. Had to look up the meaning of blurb. 😊
  9. After almost 3 months I received one package from the US today. Slightly warped vinyl but fixed that already. Miracles do happen 🙂
  10. One since the end of March. Another one since April 14th and another one since May 9th.
  11. $118 shipping to Belgium. Good deal for the box but yikes that shipping cost sucks.
  12. It's a beast. Damn good album and great pressing.