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  1. hahahahahahah Party Scene hardly exists on CD lets get that first. I wonder if theres a chance Emerald Moon would let vinyl rights go to HT... Any thoughts Travis???
  2. yeah in situations like this It sucks because life isnt fair and the weather fucked the OG release. but at least you have one guy in Travis who does CS for an entire company when he has no real incentive to do so besides the fact that he loves vinyl.
  3. nope... still dont see. gonna be bummed if nothing happens.... been waiting a few months now.
  4. i think we should be good to wait until the morning if not midnight.... not THAT much ATL love out there hahah
  5. Dont act like you spend more time with real friends than thinking about asking trav about new releases.
  6. Any news on the press of put up or shut up by ATL trav? I read somewhere you mentioned Feb but just curious if it got pushed back
  7. trav replied to me yesterday and said in a couple weeks. http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/94396-upcoming-hot-topic-releases/page-100
  8. hey travis curious if the all time low Put up or shut up repress is gonna come through hot topic? thanks!
  9. anybody know if that hot topic put up or shut up repress is coming?