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  1. Would like to sell the following (will make good deals, especially for multiples.) Feel free to make offers. (Prices are USA) Explosions In The Sky - The Wilderness (Blue/Navy) $20 shipped Fastball - All The Pain Money Can Buy (Black Signed) $25 shipped Enemies - We've Been Talking (Black) Best Offer Invalids - Eunoia (Black) $25 shipped Maybeshewill - Fair Youth (Purple) $45 shipped Maybeshewill - I Was Here For A Moment (Black) $20 shipped Mouse On The Keys - Flowers Of Romance (Clear) $50 shipped Turnover - Magnolia (Aqua/Mustard Splatter) $20 shipped Turnover - Peripheral Vision (Purple/Blue) $40 shipped Photos on request. All albums are in excellent + condition.
  2. Hi! I'm looking to sell a few records. Make offers. I'm not a scalper. Me First And The Gimme Gimmes (not rare. all black, all in very good condition. would like to sell as a set to help someone build their collection. free shipping.) Have A Ball Are A Drag Blow In The Wind Have Another Ball Love Their Country God Is An Astronaut (would also prefer to sell as a set, free shipping if interested. all are VG+ or near mint, most are still in shrink but opened to verify color.) Origins (Blue) Far From Refuge (dark grey) Age Of The Fifth Sun (dark green) God Is An Astronaut (s/t) (Yellow) Epitaph (silver) A Moment Of Stillness (blue) All Is Violent, All Is Bright (magenta) Other punk related records, a la carte: Alkaline Trio - From Here To Infirmary (red/black split, 2017) NM Hit The Switch - Entropic (copper splatter) NM The Aquabats - Burger Rain 7" sealed/M The Slackers - Peculiar (black) VG+ Thrice - Image Of The Invisible 7" (white) G++ (record is VG++, sleeve is stiff cardboard with edge wear) Thrice - Sea Change 7" (blue) NM Thrice - All That's Left 7" (black) G++ (record is VG, sleeve has minor shelf wear marks) Thrice - Palms 12" (black/beer swirl) NM+ Toh Kay - Streetlight Lullabies 12" + We Will Fall Together 7" NM/VG+ Chon - Homey (Green translucent / white splatter) NM
  3. WANT TO BUY/TRADE: Adhesive - From Left To Right (blue vinyl). Please message me if you have one you might be willing to part with. Thanks! Found a seller. Thanks!!
  4. Second single features Mike from MxPx. We're really kicking it back to the 90's.
  5. Hi everybody. My new band is releasing our debut album. The album features Mike Herrera from MxPx, Dave Nassie from No Use For A Name, and Gunner McGrath from Much The Same. A limited run of CDs was just ordered! Stream our first single here, or preorder if you feel so inclined! (No vinyl until I can recoup some costs on recording. ) Thanks for any likes and support! This was really a labor of love and I just want it to find those who will enjoy it. For fans of: NUFAN, MxPx, early Thrice, Strung Out, Much The Same Cheers. winningstreaktx.bandcamp.com www.facebook.com/winningstreaktx
  6. Me too. It would take a lot of people showing interest to Universal though. I guess at some point T&N sold off a big chunk of stuff. I think there's a lot of pent up demand for Slick Shoes out there, actually. It would just take an organized effort. I wonder if we could push SRC Vinyl to work on some Slick Shoes / Dogwood / stuff from that era.
  7. I talked to a guy in Slick Shoes recently about getting more SS stuff pressed on vinyl. He said their back catalog has been absorbed by Universal, who has "no interest" in reproducing anything from the old Tooth & Nail catalog. FAIL! /fun fact of the day
  8. Hunting for: Let Yourself Be Huge [any colored variant] Bouncing Souls - The Gold Record [Gold] Lagwagon - Blaze [Blue] - (dude on Discogs rejected my offer of 200 EUROS. Woof.) Anyone willing to part with a copy? Cheers.
  9. Give him a break, he lives in California.
  10. Hi, sorry if this is the wrong area to post this, I'm looking to buy a CD potentially but I'm also just interested in a good quality set of MP3s. Sicker Than Others is a band featuring members of Staring Back; they released one CD in 2006 called "Honestly". I've searched the ends of the earth and haven't been able to find anything better than some 192k mp3s. It's a Jawbreaker Dear You-esque sound. Anyone located in California with ties to Versus the World or Staring Back? Cheers, napalm
  11. Looking to sell the following. Please send offers. Shipping = $3 in USA for anything, International case-by-case. Feel free to ask questions. Face To Face - "25 Years Of SoCal Punk" - $40, free shipping - (Coffee Table Picture Book + "Self-Determined" Flexi Disc) (new/mint) Atlas Losing Grip - State Of Unrest - $50 - Test Press - (1 of 10 on Creator-Destructor Records. Album was never actually pressed.) Heartsounds - Dualistic Nihilist - $10 - Black With Splatter (New, opened) Lipona - Networks - ~$15 - Test Press (1 of ? on DisconnectDisconnect Records) Texas Is The Reason - Do You Know Who You Are? The Complete Collection - $15 - Transparent Orange (2x12") (played once) The 101s - Counterbalance - $10 - Gold (New, opened) V/A - Fest Music For Fest People VII (Fat Wreck Chords) 10" Unopened/Mint - $10 (or $5 with any other purchase.) Sold: Bodyjar - Role Model - $20 - Blue With Black - (New, opened) MxPx - Teenage Politics - $40 - "Dark" Blue (Tooth & Nail Records 1995) (very good +)