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  1. poweredbytrust

    Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    Swirlpool are awesome and everyone who is interested in Slowdive, Nothing, anything like that, should get in on them!
  2. on the fence about this one... literally every riff and every section of this song has some quirky lead stuff going on. those details were cool on New Bermuda and Honeycomb because they stood out, now they crammed so many them that it rather feels gimmicky. Maybe it's also because of the rather boring lead guitar tone. Just listened to Honeycomb again right after that and its straightforwardness fits my tastes a lot better. But I'll have to admit, that folk-ish singing towards the end was a really nice touch, and I hope this won't be the only time we hear it on the record.
  3. poweredbytrust

    Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    that first Film School single "Crushing" blew me away. Stoked to hear the full record soon! Also, a few pages back I posted my band's new video single. Well, now the whole 4-track EP is out and one of Germany's most important music magazines, VISIONS, has picked it as their "demo of the month" in the current print issue. So, as apparently it isn't utter shit, I thought you folks might be interested in checking it out as well. Fun Fact: We were even featured in the same DKFM episode as Film School where I learned about their single! I still for the heck of me can't figure out how to embed the BC player here. I'll try and if it fails, I'll just leave the link here in hopes that someone clicks on it! Shun - Nothing Quite As Heavy on bandcamp
  4. poweredbytrust

    [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

    /100 is still available from the EU store. 30€ before shipping though (41€ppd). I'll hold off, it's too expensive to the point where it's only reasonable if you factor in buying another copy for flipping/reselling. And that's the point where I'm not willing to partake in a PO anymore.
  5. poweredbytrust

    [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

    wow. Ridiculous amount of pressings. The EU ones sound boring though. /100 it is if the server doesn't collapse.
  6. poweredbytrust

    [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

    Should be the end of the timer on their homepage: https://bandofnothing.com/ - in 3,5h! Will smash that F5 button half an hour prior to that anyway.
  7. poweredbytrust

    [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

    Alright buddy, maybe scrap that "generic" and put "typical" in there. Not that those bands named are the only ones that use pictures of awkward looking (yet most of the times aesthetic) femmes. In the end it doesn't make sense getting butthurt over a cover - I just don't see this one becoming as iconic as the flag on GoE or the rooftop on ToT.
  8. poweredbytrust

    [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

    true. Up close one can see that the woman is wearing a mask, which still looks awful but at least gives it another meaning. Apart from that it looks just as generic as your typical SDF cover or one of those of the Thou drop.
  9. poweredbytrust

    [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

    I find the production on Zero Day to be somewhat awkward. It leans rather towards the grittiness of GoE instead of the high production values of ToT. The most quirky thing are probably the vocals, I guess those little "disharmonic" doublings all the time might get very annoying if they do it like this for the whole album. Then again, I trust these guys to absolutely know what they're doing. Will try to get in on that /100 even though it will be a bloodbath, that's for sure.
  10. damn. I think I might finally have to put in an order. No apparel available yet in the new store though and (supposedly) the PO for the new Nothing record around the corner tomorrow...
  11. Maybe that's why they're milking these Death reissues so hard. Seriously, all that stuff was already on the box set bonus discs for those who wanted it.
  12. poweredbytrust

    PO: Soft Kill - Savior (May 11, 2018)

    haha, sorry for that, it was rather late at night. I suppose you got my point though :-) didn't mean to hate on the band or anything. It's just interesting to look how a song is structured that upon first hearing you thought was really fleshed out, just to find it doesn't always take a boat load of ideas to make for a good song.
  13. poweredbytrust

    PO: Soft Kill - Savior (May 11, 2018)

    actually, Dancing on Glass for example is pretty damn simple structure-wise. There's only like two or three parts that get repeated throughout the whole song. Still, all the layers really come together very nicely which makes for an excellent atmosphere. And I mean, being efficient doesn't mean that it's bad song writing, it's actually one of my favorite songs on the record so far.
  14. poweredbytrust

    po: warm thoughts “I went swimming alone”

    been waiting on new tunes from these guys. That 7" single they put out on Asian Man before going on hiatus was too good not to receive a follow-up.
  15. saw that teaser earlier on FB. That snippet sounds absolutely sublime. Exactly what I expected from them. Very eager to hear how they have incorporated it with the rest of the song/album.
  16. Flood Records from the Netherlands has listed them here: scroll down Green Hell from Germany also has it listed as "clear/yellow": click
  17. (EU?) Indie variant confirmed: LP1 on clear and LP2 on solid yellow. Unknown quantities as of now. The combination sounds interesting and it's the only one so far with differing colors between the two discs.
  18. poweredbytrust

    Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    First single off of SHUN's debut EP titled "Nothing Quite As Heavy", out May 11 digitally and on tape (/100) from Koepfen Records (Berlin). I sing and play bass in this band. Thank you for listening. (edit: sorry for the big frame, the auto-embed didn't let me reduce the size of the player)
  19. poweredbytrust

    PO: Charmer (MI) Self-Titled

    yes it's great! some of it is on the fun side while other parts bum you out in the best way possible.
  20. thanks daniele :-) I was aware of that, but the DW clear is already 2€ more than the KR variant and since DW EU ships from France postage will easily bring the total price to more than 30€. And that is more than I am willing to pay for any release basically.
  21. according to the Kingsroad EU IG post, the Euro clear/green/black is also limited to 500 copies. Also, am I right to assume that the standard black will be 180g (as opposed to the color variants who seem to have normal weight)? personally, I probably like the pink best out of the known variants so far. However, for me it's basically the choice between pre-ordering the euro clear/green/black or wait for a cheap listing for the black in a CCM sale. Anything else would kill my wallet due to shipping costs.
  22. poweredbytrust

    PO: BIG BITE “s/t”

    awesome sound, will keep an eye out for this.
  23. haha, I'm totally seeing that one coming! Then, on the other hand, Converge did the same thing and everyone seemed to like it for a reason (I found it rather boring to be honest). At the moment I feel like some cool extra for the cover like the embossing for New Bermuda would even be more appreciated together with simple, heavy black vinyl. Would still be a good match.
  24. song rips, that weird solo in the middle sounds like an 80s anime intro at first but then proceeds to weirdly melt in with the rest - I dig it! Production wise it sounds like New Bermuda with some refinements, which is something I like as well. Cover artwork is awesome. PO wise I'm not sure what I'm going to do, it will depend on the announcements made and how much room for interpretation there will be regarding the variants. The EU/"standard" variants/packaging for New Bermuda were a total disappointment compared to the nice sturdy treatment the US edition got. Here's to hoping that Anti- and Kingsroad have learned from that.
  25. poweredbytrust

    Best Outside Sleeve For 50s and 60s records

    it's for display but you don't mind how clear it is? might as well leave it in the mailer altogether... also: in b4 cat gifs