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  1. Hot Topic is reissuing the Boxcar record soon. Don't pay the rediculous price it's going for right now. Also reissuing Blink and + 44 titles.
  2. I agree. Not sure if I am 75$ worth of interested. Not for this piece.
  3. Thanks! Been keeping my eye out in all mediums. Should pull the trigger soon.
  4. Also looking for: in addition to that HRC "Sorry About Tomorrow." MxPx - The Ever Passing Moment Joe Christmas - Coupleskate 7" MxPx - At The Show pic disc PM me if you're willing to let 'em go! Cheers.
  5. I'd wait until he represses it for an anniversary edition. Word is he might do it. Otherwise, the prices are sky high right now.
  6. Five Score and Seven Years Ago The Anatomy Of The Tongue In Cheek Two Lefts Don’t Make A Right But Three Do I was wrong. Sorry about that!
  7. Here's the link right here: http://modern-vinyl.com/2014/10/25/relient-k-albums-coming-to-vinyl/
  8. I think they plan on reissuing those Relient K records early next year. Forget which titles they mentioned but there are two more besides MmmHmm.
  9. Last bump for this particular sale. If you come across this listing and the record you're looking for doesn't contain a strike through, feel free to shoot me a message. Chances are pretty good it's still available. Cheers.
  10. Just got rid of a few earlier releases. Still have a Black Chandaleirs (spelling???) RSD 7" but I really like the song. Probably keep that one.
  11. I wanted to post a few for sale here in this forum to gain a couple of [seller] feedback points. You can see my EBay rating [100% - 300 + transactions]: toppersteele As always, feel free to PM me with questions and photo requests. Taking offers on these (minus June of 44). Check POPSIKE.com for an idea of where to start. I'm not going to bite your head off. Feel free to reference Discogs prices as well. Not in a hurry to move these. PM offers, please. Postage will be $3.50 on top of the final price. Mailed in a sturdy cardboard mailer. For Sale: Death Folk 7" [untitled on black] (Pat Smear of Germs/Foo Fighters) EX Condition - Offer Biffy Clyro - "The Ideal Height" 7" (Black) NM Condition - Offer June of 44 - The Anatomy of Sharks (EP) Orange Jacket/Black Vinyl - VG+ Condition - $13 PPD At the Drive In - Vaya 10" (1st Press on White) - EX Condition - Offer Face to Face - Econo Live 10" on black - EX Condition - Offer Thanks!
  12. Just saw that! Nabbed it post-haste. Thanks for the heads up! *Please DELETE*

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