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  1. Thanks for the reply. Haven't heard anything further though. Got me a little nervous here man...
  2. Still not sure if i'm getting my record or not. I know people get busy, but communication is a little few and far between.
  3. Hey man. Just checking in on a shipping update. Thanks!
  4. Was telling a friend about this band yesterday. Went online to share the bandcamp link and stumbled onto the fact that this new album exists. Listening to it right now. Great ambiance! Really want to spend $50 on this record. Are there any copies of Quietest Place on Earth still floating around in Australia?? Cause i need one of those too. Glad there's other people out there who know about this band besides me.
  5. I know this might be a tricky one to find. I'm looking for a copy of We Lost the Sea: The Quietest Place on Earth. The blue colored edition. If anyone out there has one and would be interested in selling, let me know. Thanks in advance for any leads.