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  1. I'm sure they pressed thousands. The days of 300 color runs are over for Fat.
  2. I think Ray runs their social media. I haven't seen any comments about this. I always got weird vibes from the dude. I have no intention of supporting them anymore and hope Kody will step away and focus more on the Lillingtons or another project.
  3. What's the reason? What could possibly justify kneeling on a man's neck for 9 minutes while he begs you to get off of him because he's being suffocated to death? Because he used a counterfeit bill?
  4. 100% does not surprise me based on my own experiences at the Fat Store but what happened with the harassing women?
  5. Probably has more to do with the copy from 2017 that just sold for $150 on eBay.
  6. The shirt was an extra $20. I had given up on this ever being made. So glad I was by my phone when it went up.
  7. Weird choice by Fat to put the box set link exclusively on their parler account.
  8. If I were Fat Mike I would silently giggle about this for 3 minutes while Hefe absolutely roasts me.
  9. Nobody thinks Fat Mike is as clever and funny as Fat Mike thinks Fat Mike is clever and funny.
  10. Nah, Sum 41 famously created the concept of palm muting in the intro to In Too Deep and everyone else that palm mutes anything is copying Sum 41.
  11. More like 1986-2004, but you could make a decent album if you took the best tracks off of uno, dos, and tre.

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