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  1. Yeah that’s true, there are good things about down the other end of the world including healthcare. Hasn’t always been expensive but now the postage is from most places. We do get screwed on gigs though and gas is the equivalent of about $8.30 per gallon. Still we get alkaline trio down here once every 5 years or so
  2. Sounds like good tunes so far. I do find it quite hilarious when people on here complain about prices. Try living in New Zealand and getting stuff sent to you will set you back a weeks wages (well not quite but easily double what you pay in the states). Same thing applies to the majority of stuff getting sent here actually.
  3. Yeah really enjoying this so far. Certainly better than the last couple
  4. parkermatt

    Camp Punk in Drublic

    Yeah fair call. Not to worry though as shows like this always come to new zealand...
  5. parkermatt

    Camp Punk in Drublic

    Where'd you land on this? You get the approval? I saw there were $900 return to LA flights the other week so that would've bought some of the cost down
  6. Good stuff. Nothing in Napier unfortunately and nothing online apart from that one on eBay. Not paying that price though. Will keep looking and try call real groovy tomorrow
  7. Throw in one for me if anyone is able to snag more than 1 copy. I'm not holding out hope for one of the online stores to have any available beyond saturday
  8. Cheers man. Will have to look into that. Been waiting for it to pop up on wowhd as they have everything else but no sign as yet. Been buying so much off them lately I may as well set up a trade account
  9. parkermatt

    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    Make that 4998 as I wont be selling any time soon
  10. parkermatt

    The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    Nah i'm all good, already bought the ones I wanted off you there a while back I think (old man markley and liverbirds). I'm struggling on trademe lately to sell vinyl with a fair few watchers but no one actually buying
  11. parkermatt

    The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    Can only assume those are the ones on trademe that have been on there for a while around the $15-20 mark?
  12. parkermatt

    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    saw that greatest hits was up. shame shipping to new zealand is $38 which is nearly twice the price after the discount!
  13. parkermatt

    sublime 40 oz to freedom repress

    I got royally screwed with you shop a while back. Bought some snow gear from backcountry.com and they ended up sending it to youshop in 2 parcels so I got charged extra for that and the weight they charged me for was more than what was shown on the original packing slip. I try to avoid using them now but for some brands that is the only way to get them into the country.