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  1. Same thing happened to me. I even asked before buying and was assured it would be a vinyl record. Pretty pissed.
  2. Yep, i stopped adding records for a few years, never got around to buying it and next thing you know its out of stock and selling for way more than its worth. I was just happy picking up a copy for close to normal price at this point.
  3. Should be working now, sorry about that. No, i believe this is just the black version. But for someone who missed out on that when it was still available, this is a great deal. Its sold out EVERYWHERE. If you can find me a store with it for $25, please take my money now.
  4. At the Drive In - Relationship of Command $28.62 free shipping. This is listed as a vinyl record but is listed under CDs. I did reach out to them and they confirmed it is a record. Its coming from oversees so it might take a while but these have been sold out everywhere and are generally selling for much much more.
  5. Has anyone heard what will happen to the orders that were made prior to the link being taken down. Would be nice to know if they will be eventually fulfilled or canceled.
  6. I ordered from importcds last week...everything came perfect. They ended up sending me the color variant of the bosnian rainbows lp instead of the black one i paid for, and they added in an extra record, iron maiden's death on the road. Never listened to iron maiden before, not sure if i should keep or sell. Made another order yesterday, hopefully it ends up just as well.
  7. Ive seen coheed 7 times, their fans are no worse than any other. Every concert ive been to has assholes in the crowd, i dont think coheeds crowd is any worse than average. A lot of them are very dedicated though.
  8. PMd you about one record, but may be willing to pick up a few others at the same time
  9. You beat me to it. I saw it earlierand preordered. Looks like a bunch of their records are about to get reissued.
  10. Try this, http://www.ebay.com/itm/381964517716 That should work, sorry about that, thats what I get trying to share the url from my iphone app.

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