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  1. Thanks for the resident link! Picked up the Dinked copy. Can't wait for more Tycho in my life.
  2. Half way sold out on the 1000 limited vinyl for AM&TW but I don't know. Not feeling like I need to buy this one. Definitely Ragnarok, the first Avengers, CA:WS, BP, and maybe the first Iron Man. Other than that, I'm not sure about picking up the rest.
  3. Anyone got a lead on Flaming Lips, Lost in Translation, and Julien Baker? Would appreciate it.
  4. Cali as well. Showed up as media mail option.
  5. Thats so weird that you guys got weird shipping rates. My shipping fee was $6
  6. Gonna be out at the SD show. Excited to see this band live. Definitely will pick up a copy.
  7. Got the TFA Finn vs Kyle variant. Picked up a Rey vs Luke since Snoke is killed off and Kylo is a major fuckboi for trying to gaslight Rey into joining him lol.
  8. Definitely gonna skip that release. Really only eyeing the Spider-Man one but I want to play the game before I do that.
  9. Neoncity's response: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1632387546872125&id=959448484166038 [IMPORTANT UPDATE] "Our Bandcamp merch page has been hidden by mistake yesterday and we are trying to get this fixed now. Shipping of all previous orders will not be affected by this and for those who are waiting for their vinyl, there was a custom issue we were facing but it is now solved and all vinyl will be delivered to you soon. All of the previously refunded Sailorwave vinyl orders will also get a copy. We are getting low on manpower and might not be able to respond to all emails on time, but a new customer service team will start working next month. We are going to make another announcement next week when the setup is finished. Sorry for the confusion caused and thank you so much for your continued support!"
  10. I received a Million Miles from them after I ordered that eons ago. It's just that they do the cheapest shipping possible lol.
  11. Surprise. Apparently the sdcc exclusive is coming at the same time as the regular editions.
  12. With the random selection now...it's gonna be a shitshow. Welp I guess I'm gonna have to apply to Funko random selection now