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  1. najerarick88

    FS: Prog Metal/Metal vinyl

    Selling these guys! Everything is in NM- condition. Katatonia - Night Is The New Day (White) $60 Opeth - Watershed (Green Marble) $70 Protest The Hero - Pacific Myth Boxset $60 Despised Icon - Day Of Mourning (Clear) $35 Tesseract - Odyssey/Scala (Clear SIGNED) $40 Mailers ready to go - prices include shipping in US.
  2. najerarick88

    FS: Meshuggah - 25 Years Of Musical Deviance BOXSET

    Bump! Lowered!
  3. najerarick88

    FS: Meshuggah - 25 Years Of Musical Deviance BOXSET

    Bump! Price lowered.
  4. Hey guys! Entire Boxset is practically MINT. I’ve only played two records a total of two times. DEI and Obzen - all other records have never been played. Limited to 1,000 boxsets worldwide of which 585 copies were made available in the US. *NOTE* Mispress of ‘Nothing’ not included - corrected Press IS included. Box set includes: - 7 albums and 3 EPs on 17 ultra clear, 180 gram 12-inch vinyl featuring brand new artwork - Embossed outer case with 3D cover art - 100-page hardcover book with lyrics and previously unreleased photos - Blu-ray disc with music videos and never-before-seen "making of" footage - Felt slipmat with exclusive design. $630 shipped in the US.
  5. Some kick ass metal/prog vinyl for sale! Vinyl: Despised Icon - The Ills Of Modern Man (Green/Black Splatter) $55 #392/512 Gojira - L’enfant Sauvage (Translucent Orange) $35 *small cut out on spine* Animals As Leaders - Joy Of Motion (Translucent Green) $90 Meshuggah - Alive (Black/White) $50 Periphery - P3 (Clear/Blue Split) $38 Protest The Hero - Fortress (Clear) $100 Thanks!
  6. najerarick88

    FS: Darkest Hour Vinyl Bundle

    Hey guys, trying to get rid of these DH records as a bundle. Darkest Hour - Undoing Ruin (Translucent Gold) Darkest Hour - Deliver Us (Translucent Purple) Darkest Hour - Godless Prophets... (Black) Darkest Hour - Darkest Hour RSD 7” (Translucent Red) $70 shipped for everything!
  7. Hey guys! Been some time since I've posted in here - breaking apart a large portion of my collection, a ton of kick ass stuff available. Metalcore, ProgMetal, Djent, etc. etc. etc. I've attached the spreadsheet with all the info (pricing included). All prices include shipping within the US only. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RHz2SMzB-a-hE4FlYcAmxMYBOBJZYsar
  8. najerarick88

    The Acacia Strain- Continent PO

    Probably right - didn’t cross my mind. Although this was the exact verbiage of the email. “Just a quick note to say that Prosthetic Records shipped your order and it’s now on its way:“ So I guess we’ll see? Haha. Probably just the label - but I hope I’m wrong.
  9. najerarick88

    The Acacia Strain- Continent PO

    Just received shipping notification from Prosthetic via Bandcamp.
  10. najerarick88

    The Acacia Strain- Continent PO

    Also available via Prosthetic’s TAS Bandcamp webstore. https://theacaciastrain.bandcamp.com/album/continent Also bummed that ‘Global Warming’ and ‘Stay Puft’ arent included on these pressings like the OG double release.
  11. najerarick88

    PO The Agony Scene "Tormentor"

    FUCK. Yes. Never thought I'd see these guys come back - the track freaking kills. Will definitely keep my eyes peeled for any additional variants of this. Now we just need 'The Darkest Red' pressed on vinyl.
  12. If anyone’s looking for a Smartpunk variant, shoot me a message. Still sealed #203/300, just trying to get back what I paid plus shipping. Straight $35 shipped and it’s all yours. I was feeling a bit optimistic after the two singles but unfortunately lost interest once I heard the rest of the album. Deserves to be in the hands of someone who will truly enjoy it!