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  1. hey all, hope everyone is well. ive got several hand numbered subscription series stuff for sale if anyone is interested: all prices include ppd switchfoot the beautiful letdown (37/250) white marbled vinyl 20$ juliana theory- love (40/250) double translucent red vinyl 20$ chevelle wonder what's next (24/250) double coke bottle clear vinyl 25$ jimmy eat world static prevails (30/250) double lavender vinyl 20$ jimmy eat world clarity (36/250) double clear vinyl 20$ all 3 for 50$ shipped. otherwise PM me with offers thanks
  2. bump sold jimmy eats and copeland. i do have these items available: prices include shipping: -chevelle 'wonder what's next' coke bottle 24/250 35$ -offspring 'smash' red translucent wax 25$ -kings of leon 'the early vinyl' sealed number 4536 80$
  3. copeland has sold. still have static prevails, clarity, wonder whats next all numbered and new 45$ ppd for both static prevails and clarity
  4. and have clarity by jimmy eat world 'JEW' 31/250 clear for 25$ shipped
  5. ok so they are numbered as follows: chevelle: 14/250 copeland: 24/250 JEW static prevails: 23/250 JEW clarity: 26/250 all untouched and ready
  6. hey man im looking for do you want more? by the roots and regulate by warren g
  7. Hey all I just got 4 of my vinyl from my subscription series in and wanted to give you peoples first dibs at them. theyre in the other room, im just posting this to see if anyone wants to snag one fast but theyre untouched, unremoved from sleeve and hand numbered. they are all the limited variants (chevelle coke bottle, copeland white, static prevails lavender and clarity clear make me an offer interested folks
  8. i decided to remove that post and repost something a little more necessary ish given the not-so-pleased customers/potential customers of abundaT. but the ghostbusters thing sold for 2.02$. brand new. hey, it might have been about 30 bucks or so undersold but i bet that he or she will be back for more based on the deal he found first time around. and then he/she will tell cronies "dude, this site i landed x record for 3 bucks!" then they will come poke around.
  9. hey to everyone whos having a tizzy over our (AT)'s not offering you 5 star prices on used cds and dvds, go take your stuff elsewhere and see how that works out. i absolutely guarantee youll end up leaving the place you took your stuff with about 50-75% of the stuff you brought in anyway, they certainly won't take "acceptables" as we do, they won't have one customer service agent let alone a team of them to ensure your satisfaction (AT, AGAIN), oh and instead of getting 100% cash value on the total appraisal of your trade-ins, youll get the option of 100% store credit or oh say maximum 60% of the total appraisal in cash back. oh and theyll cover your shipping costs to have your items sent to us too. that is all .
  10. youll have to refresh my memory. apologies for the oversight though. well, youre first in line if you want thrice so

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