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  1. Based on cult America and empty black I was ready to blind buy. Then I listened to the single and was glad I didn’t. Super bummed.
  2. No but still waiting on violent gentleman. I know it was delayed but per their email thought it would have started shipping. Also, my bundle from JBWW came fucked, which is a bummer
  3. I got an email that it’s delayed like a week.
  4. IMO typically a lot of “long” albums have filler. I rather have all absolute bangers. It’s known Etid is my favorite band and I could still probably find a few songs here that coulda been left off/put out in an EP or something.
  5. Things with feathers? I’m struggling a bit with that one. Not a fan of Andy hull
  6. I’m not a fan of long albums in general, so when it was first announced/talked about being 15/16 songs, I was like damn.
  7. Yea I’ve seen some great reviews too. But tbh, it’s Etid, and they are my favorite band so I may be biased, I wouldn’t expect anything less. Also, low teens monumental? While I like the album, def not their best IMO.
  8. Maaaan, I went to lunch, checked my email and saw the pure noise email and instantly thought I missed the /300. I was baffled it was still there and stoked I was able to grab one before they sold out. I knew I didn’t even need to listen before I bought and boy was I fuckin right. Fuckin slaps.
  9. I liked the pinwheel but I had already preordered it, the clear red blob. Glad I did because at $22 shipped, it’s better than what they were selling at, especially merchwarfare.
  10. I knew you’d come. I hate I feel this way but I almost appreciate the fact you don’t give a fuck being a piece of shit. Almost.
  11. Welp, makes sense, top dude @stl_benis selling a copy on discogs for $99 PLUS $4 shipping. What a fuck face.
  12. I’ve decided which variant I want to keep so I have an extra /1000 splatter for sale if anyone needs $OLD
  13. I’ve thought about getting 2 and swapping jackets...
  14. Yup, I was leaning toward the black for that reason but that color way is cool and i thought, it’s the same number pressing so why not the “pretty” one. Shit lol
  15. I went with the colored because it said 250 and 250 but Facebook they said the colored is 300 and virgin black is 200 so now I’m like damn. The colored variant is sweet looking tho * confirmed black is 200 and colored is 300
  16. The transition from pestilent star to sister is fuckin smooth. Also the end, father part 2 and cosmic suicide are so good. word on the street, PO should be up between 10-12. I love the color way of the vinyl but also like the black gold foil jacket, no idea which to grab.
  17. There’s already a post for this. Was coming to update it, but we can roll with this one.
  18. Just got my orange copy in, still bummed about missing the cloud cuz they went up earlier but the album is so good, I’m just glad I own one.

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