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  1. Spotlights amazing debut is being reissued, and will only be available for a one day pre-order this Friday (9/4) Pre-order starts 3am EST/12am PT and is available via Bandcamp. 500 copies on aqua blue vinyl. https://spotlights.bandcamp.com/
  2. "Fans who loved The Shape of Punk to Come will certainly latch on to War Music." I'm guessing hundreds of dollars. This album is trash, and "Refused" should be embarrassed for soiling their own legacy like this. The last album was a boring misfire, but at least it seemed like they were trying to do something new. This feels like a Refused A.I. trying to make an album that would sell on 90's/00's nu-metal radio stations, and actually failing to even do that well.
  3. From what I heard from a Dischord source, this is the case, and they will supposedly be distributing them in the states. Fingers crossed for black vinyl.