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  1. So I preordered this not having heard anything since their first record, and I finally got around to listening to the MP3s that were sent with the box. I don't really care for this album, so I haven't opened it to listen on vinyl. If anybody wants it, let me know. I paid $60 with shipping, I'd be happy with a little less. Thanks! (this is the one)
  2. I guess most of the stuff was recorded in 2012 before Ben got sick, and Ally took some time off before finishing it. It seems like a nice tribute to her good friend. The one track I heard I didn't listen to all the way through because I want to experience the whole record at once, but it sounded really good. There's also supposed to be a 7" or something? It was on the BF RSD list for a minute but no one seems to know anything about it.
  3. I run Lurker Bias. We release weird music on tape. Starting today and running through December, all our stuff is half off on Bandcamp with the promo code 'half'. Check our stuff out at http://LURKERBIAS.BANDCAMP.COM Thanks!
  4. Photo book bundle limited to 40: http://kingsroadmerch.com/vagrant/view/bundle.asp?id=1617&cid=1530 Standard LP (still on lavender vinyl): http://kingsroadmerch.com/vagrant/view/bundle.asp?id=1614&cid=1530 Hopefully the book bundle is up for a while, because I'd love to get it. Unlikely, though.
  5. They might just be something to display in your home base. I bet you can buy / find / build a display case type thing.
  6. Now they can get to work on the Day One patch!