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  1. If it helps anyone, I just grabbed the Voivod at cost on Ebay.
  2. So, if anyone has a link on that Voivod record, hook a brutha up. Please?
  3. I was able to score a Voivod for cost. Just keep trying.
  4. @lovegardensound on twitter. They'll tell you what they have left. But seems to be alot.
  5. Yes sir. Label just responded to my tweet about it! @realgonemusic
  6. If anyone has a bead on the Voivod release, would be much appreciated!
  7. Hey all Hate to bump a thread again, but found this sitting among my records, unopened. I just never got into this record, and I have the DW version for anyone that wants it. Just want what I paid for it, message me of you're feelin it.
  8. Sorry to bump a thread this old, but I have this in the 200 version black inside orange WITH The Rubiks cube that came with it. I don't listen to this at all. Maybe someone else would like it in their collection. Whatever I paid plus shipping is fine. Hit me up if you're feeling it.
  9. Got this record today, and it's absolutely amazing. Everything I could have hoped for after loving Time Well.
  10. I can't stop listening to these 4 songs over and over. So good.
  11. I apologize if this is the wrong spot for this, but I have both presses of Alchemy Index. (Original and Repress) I'm selling my entire collection, and I know I will get a horrible offer on this from a record store, so I'd like to offer it to the board first. I know there are people that are still trying to get their hands on these. DM me with any questions or reasonable offers. Both are numbered and mint. Thanks all.
  12. Really wanna sell these Alchemy Index sets to the board. Send any reasonable offers.

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