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  1. Pre-orders up at Numero for the Time Expired boxset. It includes Unsolved, Some Boots, Cancel/Sing, Pockets, and a Corduroy 7". Black, White, and Numero exclusive Cacophony colored. Option to include Corduroy 7". No single albums available yet. Time Expired Boxset
  2. That link doesn't say anything about Doom Patrol (it's possible they changed it.) But get in line, we've been waiting over two years since they announced they'd be pressing That Thing You Do.
  3. I normally don't care about anything Walmart has for exclusives but I missed the Mondo Coco pressing (sold out while checking out is more like it) and I really dig the vinyl colors. So, thanks!
  4. Maybe I'll finally see them play Geek USA.
  5. Digital download is available with your order, too.
  6. Thanks! I was going to order it from Bullmoose whenever, but I like this more.
  7. Blue Note has 30% off music this weekend. It says there are exclusions but I was able to get their exclusive of the new Makaya McCraven with the discount. I was surprised because it was just released last week.
  8. I just got mine from. Bullmoose. It's a gatefold too! Edit: it won't let me insert the picture from url. Sorry. Edit 2: I'm wicked smaht.
  9. He said the artwork is 80's looking. It could be from 2005 for all we know. Edit: Nevermind, I just saw the comma.
  10. Does anyone have any updates on this? Ordered one to the US from the Europe shop but haven't received any emails about anything. I know everything's backed up right now.
  11. The super deluxe (lp and cd) is $65 on Amazon right now. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08M2FY2BK

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