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  1. RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE. Apparently all the colored reissues are available at retail on 6/28. Amazon and Bullmoose have them for preorder. I haven't seen anything about these being limited.
  2. Good news, it's not one week but one day!
  3. Bullmoose has the 3LP with no book available for preorder for $38. I already ordered from Bandcamp and I'm kind of excited about the sheet music. Eluvium - Piano Works
  4. Black vinyl of Smashing Pumpkins' newest album is currently $9.87. Smashing Pumpkins - Shiny And Oh So Bright Vol. 1
  5. I ordered it from Amazon at the end of 2017 and this is the variant I received. It doesn't look like there are any newer pressings, but a couple around the same time as the starburst. I didn't notice anything bad about the sound quality.
  6. Ummm... It's Metroid TWO. Game boy version... Pshhhh
  7. Half of their pressing are bootlegs but you won't know which ones until they release their definitive edition in a few years.
  8. Out of stock, and I don't think it's still in print, but Pretty Girls Make Graves' last album Elan Vital is $5.98. Worth a gamble for six bucks. Pretty Girls Make Graves - Elan Vital
  9. Very excited for the Donut County soundtrack. Quack Anthem is my fucking jam. Donut County
  10. I already have Tales but am ordering this for the new cover art and Captain Shiner shirt. I remember reading this was what they wanted for the cover art but the label said no.
  11. Oh wow. And Bullmoose has Miscellaneous Debris up for preorder. Miscellaneous Debris I wonder if they decided against a box set because there are five albums still in print. Edit: Rhinoplasty, Animals, and Miscellaneous Debris are also up for preorder on Amazon. Sorry, no Tales.
  12. In case anyone was still looking for this over a year later, KRM has the purple Cyanide Sisters in stock. I know it's been unavailable on Ghostly for a while. Cyanide Sisters
  13. I know nothing about either of them personally, just guessing. Hopefully that's the next batch.
  14. I really hope the next batch includes Ambient 2 and The Pearl. I wonder if Harold Budd is holding those up.