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  1. So I got these Polk Audio speakers from my step-dad and they came with no cables and I'm not sure what kind of cable I would need to be able to connect it to my receiver or turntable. I'm new to actual set-ups outside of just using a turntable's internal speaker so help and knowledge is appreciated Below are the pictures of the back of the polk audio speakers and the back of my receiver. http://imgur.com/a/73Bun
  2. I prefer if you have To Bring You My Love on cassette or record. I hear she has a VHS out as well. There has to be someone on here that's willing to part with their PJ Harvey stuff. I don't really want to pay more that $15-20 for the record of any of her albums. Cassettes I can pay $10-15 for.
  3. http://www.instagram.com/bswzzl
  4. I can't get you into contact with any venues myself, but I live in STL and go to a lot of local shows and these venues are good small settings for shows and new bands. http://www.offbroadwaystl.com/ http://plushstl.com/get-gig/ http://www.ciceros-stl.com/booking http://foamstl.com/ http://2720cherokee.com/ Please be warned though; A LOT of bands recently that come to visit St. Louis have had their van broken into and gear stolen, or even once very recently, the whole van stolen. I can't remember which venue they were from, probably The Firebird, but bigger acts play there anyways, but they're also an option. These neighborhoods the venues are in are generally okay, but Cicero's is in the Delmar Loop which can get sketchy at nighttime, just watch over everything and you'll have a safe show.
  5. Real name: Brianna Favorite Bands/Artists: No Doubt, Mixtapes, PJ Harvey, The Mamas and the Papas, Carpenters, Queen, Rotting Out, The Front Bottoms. I could list dozens more. What's your Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr etc.?: www.twitter.com/bswzzl www.facebook.com/bswzzl Hobbies (outside of record collecting): drawing, reading, sleeping, DVD collecting Random things you want us to know about you: I'm vegetarian, going fully vegan soon. I collect DVDs, VHS, and LaserDiscs as well as records, cassettes, and 8-track tapes. I'm 17, I start college this fall.