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  1. Advice please... I want to trade N. Foles (I have Brees) and need a RB. Any suggestions on who I should target? Lacy is out of the question. A. Foster and J. Charles are possibilities.
  2. What are those? I used to own a pair of Reefs that looked just like those.
  3. I've seen this dejaentandu thing keep coming up on this bored so I finally looked it up....Was completely clueless about this band and any albums of there. What is the appeal of this mall music crap? And how on earth is it so expensive for this album? My theory: when this thing came out everyone who wants to buy it now was 13 years old, so it is middle school nostalgia music. Damn I'm old but this stuff befuddled me
  4. Haven't seen any pressing specific numbers or anything, but this morning I got an email from SRC mentioning a repress of Static Prevails.
  5. Oh and I would NOT bother going to Daytona or even Jacksonville. Jacksonville is huge area wise so it takes forever to get around town....and also has a lot of crime. I is one of the shittiest cities I've ever been to..used to go a lot cause that was the closest location for concerts. Daytona would be too long of a drive
  6. I used to live down there but that was nearly 20 years ago and I'm sure everything has changed dramatically. As a teenager we had plenty of good drinking spots around on the island. Savannah isn't a bad idea but I'd stick to the downtown historic section, and avoid the rest of he city and Tyner island. Sign up for a walking tour of the city. There is a guy who does an architectural walking,tour that is great. His name is Jonathan something I think. Just google architectural walking tour Savannah. You have to email him in advance and set it up. Also the pink house mansion restaurant/bar
  7. I thought maybe you guys would know if there were a problem with fakes or something. Saw it on eBay and just quickly grabbed it. Not a brag or anything just genuinely curious. Figured it was worth the risk at that price.
  8. Hey I just bought a copy of Siamese Dream off of Ebay for $10. Did I make a dumb purchase? Claims to be a 1993 orange 2xlp pressing with the following info: Album Features UPC:017046174015 Artist:Smashing Pumpkins Format:VinylRelease Year:1993Record Label:Caroline DistributionGenre:Grunge, Rock & Pop
  9. Ah, yeah, should have known this..Arktika just showed up on my Google Play Music as a suggested new release a couple days ago.
  10. Just ordered California from Sound Stage Direct. I called and asked them if they were goign to have pre-orders for this and she said she didn't know yet.
  11. Sorry to bump, but wondering if there has been any info on this (vinyl pressing)? I'm not really a social media person and I'm not even sure where to check for updates.

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