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  1. I didn't mean Travis specifically, I just said "someone with pull." Like I said, it's a super long shot, but maybe there's a sympathetic Hot Topic higher-up who lurks this thread and could help out the people who missed the order? If it's true one person legitimately got 1/10th of the entire inventory, depriving a ridiculous amount of people of this record variant due to the way it's being released, and someone at HT decides to either cut or cancel that order - or even if someone at HT knows about a remaining batch - it would be cool of them to offer another chance to buy to the people who'v
  2. FYI made 2 final attempts (no essay, promise!) yesterday and today. First was another call yesterday to HT customer support but got a guy who said he saw it in my cart and saw I'd tried to order it and told me to refresh and it would go through...when it didn't he told me to try a diff browser. When that didn't work either he said "guess it's sold out." Had no info about it coming back in stock or anything like that. Attempt 2: haven't read through the thread since my post 10 pages or so ago so apologies if someone else posted something similar, but my second and final attempt was to ca
  3. If so, would srsly apreesh someone with pull patching my original order through if at all possible, as it was placed before they actually sold out online. It's just that 30+ minutes of trying and the "Submit Order" button never did anything, as I explained in way too much detail like 11 pages back an hour or two after it happened. Still have the checkout window open just in case (proof). Can PM more proof/member number/uncensored address and all that jazz if necessary, though I'm sure it's a long shot. Sucks that securing a copy for myself much less 2 for my friends at anything close to re
  4. Music/vinyl obsession is a hell of a drug! Though that is actually a big part of it, the real reasons are more like A.) crazy into Circa Survive lately, esp this record and B.) trying to overly immerse myself with things I most enjoy/am the most passionate about to distract from a bunch of tragic shit that's been happening in my personal life lately. Lesson learned though; moderation is key. Though that Hot Topic online thing is gonna bug me for a while regardless. If anyone does happen to grab any extra though and you're feeling generous, I'm still in the market to buy! Just not at crazy
  5. Hot Topic Customer Service said they will not be coming back in stock online after he tried to put it on backorder for me over the phone. Also, to add insult to injury, the one record flipper selling this as a pre-sale on eBay had 10 for sale this afternoon for $49.99 each + shipping with two sold...sometime in the past few hours he upped his price to $79.99 + shipping and seven more have sold since then, leaving only one remaining of the 10. If anyone wants to pay over eighty dollars for this (I think I'll pass) here's the link: please don't actually do it/support this though (srsly)
  6. Unbelievable...placed the order as SOON as I saw it come up here, one for me, one for each of my two friends who I promised I would get it for if I happened to catch it online in time (also texted them the second it came up to tell them I'd managed to get it for them). It was IN STOCK, I'd already signed up for an account ahead of time to save time/get that 10% sign-up discount code, got ALL the way through the checkout process, clicked "SUBMIT ORDER" and literally nothing happened. Thought it might be my browser so I tried Firefox...same thing. Then I *removed* all 3 copies from my cart, w
  7. Yeah, hope the lady I talked to was mistaken. As I said in the post before that, don't take the info I got as gospel or anything, just wanted to relay what I'd been told. Decided to pick 5 Hot Topics in/near major metro areas along the East Coast (2 in NJ, 1 in FL, 1 in Virginia, 1 in Ohio) and give each a call to see if they could say anything different and got essentially the same response from all 5. None of them have it; 2 said they would not be getting it but also didn't know which stores would (1 of which said that "probably" no Hot Topics along the east coast would be getting it b
  8. PM'd you as well, but are you sure your Hot Topic is getting a few? I was told twice by a Hot Topic employee that this will essentially be a west coast/western U.S. in-store exclusive. I want to believe otherwise but haven't seen or heard anything to contradict it yet.
  9. Here's all the info I was order to obtain regarding the Hot Topic blue/white splatter vinyl: I called 3 Hot Topic stores this morning in the northeast (each about 2 hrs away from me) asking if they had it, they all said no and that they wouldn't be getting it, either. The third store told me that it appears to be a West Coast release only and even then only select stores in the west will be getting it and that, "for sure no Hot Topic stores in our region will be getting it." When I asked what region she meant she said the entire east coast and extending "at least as far as Michigan."
  10. Thought I saw dates on the posters but it was dark and tons of people so I was likely wrong about those being Descensus tour posters. Knowing I didn't miss out on them makes me feel better, thanks
  11. RE: tour variants etc Went to the very first date of the Descensus Tour in Boston on November 5th. The merch table didn't include any tour variants from Circa Survive (or any copies of the new record) but I did actually take some photos of the merch they're selling on tour (or least were selling on the first date of the tour) since I figured someone might like to know. Shitty cell phone pics in the dark, but here's what they had: http://i.imgur.com/4T0z551.jpg Shirts/clothing. I do not believe the giant framed bear (?) artwork on the wall was part of the merchandise. The merch table:
  12. According to this source the "expected online release date" for the Hot Topic variant is November 24th, 2014...AKA today, if you're on the East Coast, though it's only been the 24th for under a half hour so far. There's a link to "Buy Now" which just redirects to the Hot Topic vinyl merch section, which (as of 12:29AM Eastern) does not have it available. Tried searching Circa Survive on the site as well and only got 1 result, for a t-shirt. So I'm guessing/hoping later today? Not sure how fast this will go; hoping I don't miss out on it like I did on the test press/lyrics/signed dr
  13. Wanted the lyrics sheet more than anything else (including the test press) - missed the lyrics yesterday evening due to a browser error (was gone by the time I hit "Back") and then saw a miraculous Facebook status update saying there were some more available and yet I missed it again - already sold out. If anyone got a hold of a copy and wants to sell or trade let me know please!
  14. To answer my own question from two posts ago ("Can anyone provide more info on the vinyl for sale at the shows specifically?") they just posted a Facebook status this morning saying the following: Still no official confirmation of whether or not these US pressings are on colored vinyl or not, but since they didn't mention it I'd venture to say they're black. Also, take this with a grain of salt because it's just a random Facebook comment from a guy and nothing official from the band/label (as far as I know) but in the comments section for that status someone asks "What color are the rec
  15. I'll be flying out to Cleveland to see them play the early and late shows on 9/12 - was gonna go on a road trip for their east coast leg of the tour but that sadly didn't work out. Can anyone who's been to any of their 7 U.S. shows so far confirm what they had for sale in terms of vinyl/merch? So far I've heard a tour print, a few t-shirts, and a copy of The Power of Failing LP. Can anyone provide more info on the vinyl for sale at the shows specifically? Is it the remastered 180 gram 45rpm gatefold or something else? Colored vinyl or black? Did they have the 2x "Complete Collection"

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