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  1. Message I just got Sorry that was my bad. We are sold out of that record and I put some up by mistake. -Ben
  2. yeah, ordered from lauren records and got shipping confirmation wednesday
  3. any particular reason why, personal preference? i think the split colors came out great. will have the time to spin tomorrow
  4. I replied to my order confirmation asking if it was possible to cancel and they just refunded me
  5. Were you lucky enough to get either one? I managed to get both
  6. i think theyre gonna do a repress? not sure but this was posted in the reddit thread https://old.reddit.com/r/VaporVinyl/comments/a05ech/which_variant_of_palm_mall_are_you_going_for/eagesyh/
  7. Plenty on discogs https://www.discogs.com/Guns-N-Roses-Shadow-Of-Your-Love/release/12801021
  8. https://easystreetonline.com/upc/664425129410