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  1. I do have the Billy Fish flexi. It was in the box with the rest of that set and I forgot to get it in the pictures. As for the Endless Residency...I'm getting nervous even thinking about what you would want fir that...I'm definitely interested. Just can't say that I can handle what you might want...we'll talk
  2. I posted my Melvins collection here a couple of years ago, but have added a bunch since then. So here it is again... until I add more.... (btw...Stag, Stoner Witch and Houdini are original presses. I'm still holding out for special editions of the Third Man reissues before I buy them)
  3. I'm still waiting on mine too. I haven't emailed them about it yet, but usually they are pretty good about getting back to me about other things. Only thing is they only have customer service reps in on Tuesdays and Thursdays. edit: And I just saw that my VIP edition of the new Big Business is finally out for delivery today!! I've been holding off on listening to it until the record came. Can't wait to finally hear it tonight!
  4. Just wanted to say thanks to luckystars for the Bosstones! Shipped quickly and safely. Thanks!!
  5. Suicide is not the answer. definitely not. I'm so sorry for your loss. This is a cool thing you're doing. If I did win I would sure like to pick from option 3/4. thanks. again...sorry about your friend.
  6. Since I'm old...I was lucky enough to see them back in 1990 with Soundgarden and Voivod. The best show I ever saw at the time, and sitll an all-time favorite. I'm really looking forward to this new album!
  7. I bought that Popmarket deal. So far I have listened to Blues For the Red Sun and Circus Leave Town. Both of them sound really bad to me. As others have said, they are very quiet. But not only that, they sound like they are just unmastered. Hard to describe what I mean, but I don't like the way they sound at all. I have an original copy of Wretch. Tonight I am going to listen to that and compare it to this reissue.
  8. I may consider it. ...since I didn't even remember that I had it! I don't think there's any music on it. It's an interview with GNR. PM me to discuss it.
  9. Oh! Bonus... I took the GNR record out of the sleeve for the first time in years and found a promo flexi disc that I totally forgot about. I'm pretty sure they were giving these away for free at the record store when the album came out.
  10. I don't necessarily collect promo stamped records, but I do have a bunch. My local record shop back in the 80s sold a lot of them (even though they weren't supposed to). Then I wokred in college radio and got a lot there. Pictured below is one of my favorites. I bought it in 1987 just as it came out. I had no idea who they were and bought it just for the cover. Boy was 16 year old me surprised to hear what was inside! I kept telling everyone I knew that they had to listen to this new band! A few months later they were everywhere. ...you can just barely see the gold promo stamp over the word 'Guns'