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  1. I would think it would say "re-release" if its the score for FO3 again. I don't know, just my 2 cents.
  2. Probably gonna order Bride with Godzilla KotM tomorrow
  3. damn! Kinda bummed I slept on this but $100 was a little steep for me.
  4. Saw this morning on reddit, looks like a repress is incoming.
  5. Well it appears I must be adequately excited and ashamed simultaneously. It'll be just like masturbating.
  6. So I've been away for a while, I like this band and I'm looking forward to this. Is that wrong? Should I be ashamed?
  7. So I was out of town and had a friend grabbing me stuff. He got everything for me except MCR.... by the looks of it I'm gonna have to overpay on ebay/discogs for it? Unless one of you lovely people wanna hook a brotha up
  8. Jumping in here with my dumbass hot take. IMHO Purple had the most emotion behind it coming off the accident. It really hit hard for me because they were updating us so infrequently and we honestly didn't know if they would eve play again at all. So when they randomly dropped "Chlorine and Wine" on us, I was just ecstatic.
  9. Looks like the variant is available again too. Again, I'm not playing the variant game. https://merchnow.com/products/v2/265687/my-brothers-blood-machine
  10. Check out @TMRVault’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/TMRVault/status/1091033673716109313?s=09
  11. They're lost in Appalachia ...you have to play to find them. randomsad.gif