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  1. I've been listening to the Saosin self titled record a ton this year. Man the production & song writing on that album is so damn good. I checked out the Dead American record recently and there is definitely some cool stuff on there. It's also good to see that Cove and the other guys seem to be on good terms. I wish I grabbed one of those Saosin/Dead American shirts Cove was selling on his instagram a few months back. I would love to see Cove do something again with Saosin.
  2. I wonder if the black copies will be priced the same as the initial pressings.
  3. Anybody see any updates for this? Listening to Something Corporate this morning and made me think about this.
  4. It's wild that these SD records are still $50. I remember buying the repress in 2011 at my local FYE for either $29 or $25.
  5. Holy shit The Kinison - Hey Hey Hey, that's a song i haven't thought about for a long time
  6. I would love to see some Starting Line, Something Corporate, and Steel Train pressings. I always thought Twilight Tales From The Prairies Of The Sun would be cool to have on vinyl. Stoked to see whatever this is!
  7. You guys think we'll get a new sampler on purevolume??
  8. Seeing these guys Monday night. I'm hoping they will have some up for sale
  9. Lost in Translation back up at Rough Trade US for $32 shipped. https://www.roughtrade.com/us/various-artists/lost-in-translation-music-from-the-motion-picture-soundtrack