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  1. I wish they would just press this separate from the box set! I would easily pay $20 for a three songs.
  2. Just give us what we want; repress all the albums!
  3. I love All Delighted People!Remember when he released this and then two months later dropped Age of Adz? I find myself revisiting ADP more than Age of Adz.
  4. I woke up this morning to a shipping notification from beatnick stating my order had shipped. I Came home from work and this was waiting for me. I don't know why I can't submit the image directly, here it is: https://imgur.com/tmh22BF Very minimum packaging. Black vinyl, heavy weight. It sounds pretty damn good. second edit: some noticable sibilance on side a
  5. I received a shipping notification prior to receiving mine.
  6. Snagged one, very excited to FINALLY own this on vinyl.
  7. Track 1 on both sides of records 1 & 2 are unplayable on my copy. The rest plays through okay.
  8. There's about 16 of these up on the uk site... https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/khruangbin/khruangbin-live-at-lincoln-hall
  9. I got a shipping notification yesterday. Status according to USPS is still pre-shipment.
  10. Looks like they have have added some autographed copies to their store. Black vinyl. https://vampireweekend.kungfustore.com/all-products/autographed-jacket-vam94.html
  11. YESSSS. Oh my goodness, thank you. You my friend have made my day!