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  1. YESSSS. Oh my goodness, thank you. You my friend have made my day!
  2. Did anyone catch the photo that he posted yesterday on instagram (and then was deleted) of an alternative cover for Prisoner. It was a Pear Bowl. Similar to the Apple Bowl alternative art that was sold through Barnes & Noble. EDIT: Not Prisoner, I meant Big Colors. Sorry guys, it's early.
  3. According to the liner notes, Bernie Grundman did the mastering for this release.
  4. My early bird edition pressing showed up today, complete with stickers and an airhead. Haven't had a chance to spin it, but the variant looks great! It is crazy to think it has been 15 years since Achilles Heel.
  5. My copy finally showed up. Very minimal packaging, record sounds great, and looks terrific. I caught them at the Atlanta show last week, and was blown away. edit: it looks like the uk shop has 112 copies left. even with shipping, it's cheaper than discogs right now.
  6. Limited to 1500 on Purple Vinyl Via Rough Trade Not sure if limited to 1500 US & 1500 UK or 1500 all together. https://www.roughtrade.com/us/music/khruangbin-live-at-lincoln-hall https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/music/khruangbin-live-at-lincoln-hall
  7. Finally got around to listening to their Self-Titled reissue that came in the mail the other day. It sounds great. I'm very happy with how these reissues turned out.
  8. Fuck yes. Snagged the seafoam/maroon splatter pressing. Stoked. Digging the new single as well.
  9. Got my blue copy from bull moose today, and it sounds pretty good to me. As for the album, I am enjoying it very much. Hysteria, Check Baby and Yeah Bones are some early favorites for sure.
  10. Damn, mine will be here on Friday. I am so ready! Stoked for the rest of the re-issues as well.