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  1. Right on, thank you! I never received a shipping confirmation from merch connection, but I just checked my informed delivery and it's showing up on my dashboard with tracking # available. Should be here next week.
  2. A Picture Of Nectar 2-LP Vinyl [Grape Apple Pie Pressing] https://drygoods.phish.com/product/PHLP44/a-picture-of-nectar-2lp-vinyl-grape-apple-pie-pressing?cp=773_1429_6907
  3. Blue is back up in the store. Just a heads up for anyone that needs it. https://store.3eb.com/products/third-eye-blind-blue-vinyl
  4. Un-original has Bless the Martyr bundled with Dead alive book right now in stock for $140. https://unoriginal-vinyl.myshopify.com/products/dead-alive-book-bless-the-martyr-and-kiss-the-child-vinyl This offer includes the Dead Alive Book + Norma Jean's Bless The Martyr And Kiss The Child Vinyl. Unoriginal VInyl & Solid State Records present a limited to only 10 copies, "Mystery Color" Screen Printed Jacket series, never to be released again anywhere outside of this DEAD ALIVE release. Vinyl Color comes from an existing FF '21 variant, but the Jacket will be a brand new, randomly selected hand screen printed (by our friends at Mind Over Matter Records) design. Orders will be limited to one per customer, per title.
  5. https://www.wearenearmint.com/products/733228-forgive-durden-razias-shadow-a-musical This item is a pre-order and is expected to ship January 2023. Forgive Durden's masterpiece "Razia's Shadow" available on vinyl for the first time! Fully re-mastered audio by Matt Riefler & artwork packaging by Unoriginal Vinyl. No corners cut. Features from Lizzie Huffman, Panic! At The Disco, Say Anything, Portugal. The Man, mewithoutYou, The Hush Sound, and more! Packaging Details: -Re-Mastered Audio -Double LP -24pt Reverse Board Gatefold Jackets -12x24" Insert w/ Lyrics, Dialogue & Credits -Hype Stickers -Black Inner Sleeves -Japanese Obi Strips -Resealable Polybags
  6. I love this album and insomniac very much. I was stoked to grab the anniversary edition of insomniac last year with the live tracks. I can't remember how much I paid but it was less than $40 i think out the door. I was hesitant at that price point; but in the end it's a beautiful package they put together and i would say it was worth the price. I was stoked to hear they would be doing the same for Nimrod, but I damn i just want a single (double?) album for less money? This looks awesome I just can't cough up the $125. Maybe they will announce a non-deluxe anniversary pressing?
  7. Does anyone know if they plan on pressing any of their full length releases in the future, or is this all drive-thru will be releasing to commemorate their anniversary?
  8. That's a great deal for what this is selling for on Discogs. Maybe one day this will get repressed, one can dream.
  9. Damn I'm still tempted to pick this up. I've been listening to Hide Nothing a bunch the past few weeks, I forget how many great songs are on that record. Jon's vocals are beautiful. This band rules, I hope they put more music out in the future. Edit: It will be ten years this month since the last record came out, wild.

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