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  1. When I received the email I thought for sure it was to notify they oversold the signed version and my order was cancelled. This was a nice surprise! I still haven’t spinned the rid of me reissue? How’s it sound?
  2. When you go to https://www.nin.com/discography/ and scroll down to where you see the Film Work selction and select The Social Network it takes you to this URL: https://store.nin.com/collections/music/products/the-social-network-br-span-2017-definitive-edition-br-3xlp-span edit: you have to click the link that says BUY from NIN store to be directed to the url above.
  3. I'm very curious when the other represses will be up for pre-order. I have been saving for this. Finally.
  4. I wish they would just press this separate from the box set! I would easily pay $20 for a three songs.
  5. Just give us what we want; repress all the albums!
  6. I love All Delighted People!Remember when he released this and then two months later dropped Age of Adz? I find myself revisiting ADP more than Age of Adz.
  7. I woke up this morning to a shipping notification from beatnick stating my order had shipped. I Came home from work and this was waiting for me. I don't know why I can't submit the image directly, here it is: https://imgur.com/tmh22BF Very minimum packaging. Black vinyl, heavy weight. It sounds pretty damn good. second edit: some noticable sibilance on side a
  8. I received a shipping notification prior to receiving mine.
  9. Snagged one, very excited to FINALLY own this on vinyl.
  10. Track 1 on both sides of records 1 & 2 are unplayable on my copy. The rest plays through okay.
  11. There's about 16 of these up on the uk site... https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/khruangbin/khruangbin-live-at-lincoln-hall