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  1. Also going to the Toronto show in April and was thinking about getting them to sign a sleeve. Is it not weird getting the dude to sign exo and intrinsic when he's not in them or getting them to sign more than 1? I'm just not sure of the etiquette. But hope you find a copy (there a canadian white on discogs for 70)
  2. Thanks, had to pick these up. I have been hoping Youth would drop on vinyl.
  3. Some Black copies of Occams Laser available: https://timeslaves.bandcamp.com/album/ascension-2
  4. Honestly, its only $10 on discogs, sure you don;t want to pick it up off one of those guys. Probably more reliable than me.
  5. Canadian with mail today 12" Fuck the Facts - Stigmata High Five The Drip - The Haunting of Inevitability Gadget- The Great Destroyer USX - RTITN Kylesa - Spiral Shadow Phobia - Unrelenting Behold the Failure - Mumak II 7" Toxic Holocaust/ Bludwulf - Speed spikes Vol1 Don't know what I expected
  6. Hey guys, Looking to buy a copy of VHS glitch land with no future. Might be a long shot but let me know if you have a copy you are willing to let go off. Thanks, Williamson
  7. Haha, figured I didn't like up upon release and it was seemingly never going to sell out. But now that its out of arms reach, my arms feel like reaching!
  8. Now that this thread is alive, anyone selling one of these? Missed my chance picking it up a few years back