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  1. Will more be going up today, or another day? It sold out while I was adding some other things to my cart so it won't let me check out
  2. Was so disappointed to miss the first group buy, so I'm so in if there's a 2nd one being organised!! Add me to the list and I can pay whoever is organising it straight away
  3. You have great taste then!! Hopefully we can both snag a copy
  4. Hi guys! I was wondering whether there are any fine forum members who happen to have the blue and red splatter variant of the 2001: A Space Odyssey soundtrack that was just released by Mondo for sale? Here's a pic of what I'm looking, and feel free to send any offers you have
  5. Hi guys! I'm looking for a copy of Limited Edition release of the Tron Legacy Soundtrack by Daft Punk. I'm hoping to find a sealed copy, however I'm also open to opened copies that are in very good/mint condition and have not been played many times and have only minor damage to the gatefold. I'm sure you've all heard of this one at some point, but here's an image of the release I'm talking about just in case: Thanks so much guys, please PM me any offers you have