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  1. I don't like commenting negative things, but it's not really Converge to me. I definitely agree with the above that it would have benefited by having a different name. It doesn't feel like the same band. Songs are soft and wishy-washy, many are too repetitive (Failure Forever a big example to me, I can't stand the cloying melody on it). I dunno. I don't like it, as someone who has been listening to Converge for a long time, and who considered them my favorite band for over a decade now. I always thought Chelsea Wolfe made (subjectively) uninteresting music and that sort of writing style leaked into this album big-time. Some people like that, I don't. WYW and Blood From The Soul already wore me thin with feeling either way too long-winded and soft to me (former) or phoned in (latter)... at least the Umbra Vitae LP was good. I did pre-order it the moment it was announced but ended up cancelling the pre-order (which I don't enjoy doing) because I couldn't see myself doing anything else except selling it when I got it. A big shame, to me, and certainly not expecting anytime soon to get new harsh Converge material. Oh well! I won't go on more because I hate being negative about independent non-radio-fodder music. I can tell the project has passion, but it just does not sit well with me. Should've not been billed as Converge.
  2. Managed to get the PN1 from the UK store, stoked! If the variant comes out even remotely as cool as the mockup it's going to be so wicked.
  3. Ooooh yes baby. Going for that PN1, hopefully they go up on the UK store at the same time. Best band.
  4. The lineup for the 4th Flenser membership really makes me want to save up for it. This especially. God damn that single is good.
  5. Band is amazing, album is their best yet, and this is coming from someone who has always loved their stuff. What a fucking band
  6. Honestly thrilling to hear of getting vinyl for the new mix, as I hadn't picked up a copy of the original one yet. Great album.
  7. That cover art absolutely slays and I'm very excited for this Got the mustard/gold splatter merge thing
  8. I wonder if they're gonna butcher the songs live in the style of their awful new album or rekindle some of that wonder that everything leading up to it had. Honestly still miffed at how bad PROXY was. These guys were real good before that.
  9. I respect making the more complex colourways the more common ones. Got the /300 red/black DW exclusive. A pretty simple one, but I wanted others from the store, and it's the most limited next to the clear. Speaking of, I wonder how hard it will be for me to find a /100. For The Dusk In Us it was completely impossible but I managed pretty quickly for YFM Redux and AWLWLB. Will see!
  10. Upon looking at the Instagram photos Dog Knights Posted, at least part of this will contain songs from the Collections 1 comp. At the very least I can positively identify track 9 (Sepulcher) and at least one of the songs that was on the Middle-Man Records compilation "Sordid States v2". Unsure as to whether this will be only Collections 1 or will be something more; will remain to be seen. Will buy it regardless.
  11. And just like the Doppelganger press, no UK options and extortionate shipping prices... ah well! Good for those in NA at least.
  12. Long shot, but figured worth one: Looking to buy the four coloured 2LP Krallice pressings that Gilead put out. I prefer all four at once, but please message me regardless. (If you have even more Krallice on top of that, I would buy most of those, too, but not separately.) I am in the UK but will pay for shipping from anywhere. For reference, these are: Krallice (green) Dimensional Bleedthrough (orange) Diotima (blue) Years Past Matter (red)

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