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  1. That cover art absolutely slays and I'm very excited for this Got the mustard/gold splatter merge thing
  2. I wonder if they're gonna butcher the songs live in the style of their awful new album or rekindle some of that wonder that everything leading up to it had. Honestly still miffed at how bad PROXY was. These guys were real good before that.
  3. I respect making the more complex colourways the more common ones. Got the /300 red/black DW exclusive. A pretty simple one, but I wanted others from the store, and it's the most limited next to the clear. Speaking of, I wonder how hard it will be for me to find a /100. For The Dusk In Us it was completely impossible but I managed pretty quickly for YFM Redux and AWLWLB. Will see!
  4. Upon looking at the Instagram photos Dog Knights Posted, at least part of this will contain songs from the Collections 1 comp. At the very least I can positively identify track 9 (Sepulcher) and at least one of the songs that was on the Middle-Man Records compilation "Sordid States v2". Unsure as to whether this will be only Collections 1 or will be something more; will remain to be seen. Will buy it regardless.
  5. And just like the Doppelganger press, no UK options and extortionate shipping prices... ah well! Good for those in NA at least.
  6. Long shot, but figured worth one: Looking to buy the four coloured 2LP Krallice pressings that Gilead put out. I prefer all four at once, but please message me regardless. (If you have even more Krallice on top of that, I would buy most of those, too, but not separately.) I am in the UK but will pay for shipping from anywhere. For reference, these are: Krallice (green) Dimensional Bleedthrough (orange) Diotima (blue) Years Past Matter (red)
  7. What a wonderful thing to wake up to—sent an email off as soon as I could. Aching to own this. EDIT: Unfortunately price came out to $80 with shipping. Bit too much for me even for an album like this.
  8. If even half of those sets end up undamaged I'd be surprised. Looks like absolute prime real estate for them to warp and scratch to hell and back, especially being carted from show to show on a tour. If any kind of dust or particle settles in there... yikes! Kind of incredible how ugly the set is. That begs the question: how the hell are they going to protect themselves from PayPal claims made by people who pick up the records at a show and then decide they want their money back? What evidence would they have? At least the packaging won't get all torn up like the Colouring Book reissue though, am I right? 🤪
  9. Crossing my fingers! The limited spinner already sold out and the other two variants seen to be selling well, so I really hope so!
  10. Mandatory buy and one of the most undernoticed albums of its time. Really, anyone on this forum who's got a sliver of interest into the overlap of hardcore/post-hardcore and emo needs to listen to this. It's amazing.
  11. Willing to pay (around) previous recent sold Discogs prices for any one of the following first pressings, or the seafoam fourth press. I'm fine with any sort of damage on the packaging as long as the records play well. I'm in the UK but will pay for shipping from any country, including the USA. solid purple (/500) blue/black translucent swirl (/500) blue/white swirl (/500) orange/white swirl (/500) orange/black swirl (/1000) seafoam green (/500) I'm not active much anymore as my tastes shifted away from things on this forum but I will answer DMs swiftly as I get email notifications.
  12. Yeah, Ustalost is part of the 2020 sub. Along with an upcoming Hell splits/EP collection 2LP.

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