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  1. Willing to pay (around) previous recent sold Discogs prices for any one of the following first pressings, or the seafoam fourth press. I'm fine with any sort of damage on the packaging as long as the records play well. I'm in the UK but will pay for shipping from any country, including the USA. solid purple (/500) blue/black translucent swirl (/500) blue/white swirl (/500) orange/white swirl (/500) orange/black swirl (/1000) seafoam green (/500) I'm not active much anymore as my tastes shifted away from things on this forum but
  2. Yeah, Ustalost is part of the 2020 sub. Along with an upcoming Hell splits/EP collection 2LP.
  3. With you there on that La Dispute album—I can barely hear the lyrics, really confusing why that was given the go-ahead. Ruins the album completely for me. Couldn't get through it. The same choices made on albums like this (those floaty, ethereal vocals that occasionally get lost in the noise really do a lot for me with Nothing) will let down stuff like La Dispute.
  4. This album absolutely rules and I'm really happy to be able to say that. Listening to the Evil Greed /100 vinyl and sounds great. (Looks great too.) God is it refreshing to finally have a new album like this again in my life.
  5. This album rules, I double down on my earlier "would buy a 4xLP boxset of these", god damn. They've already got the center labels ready too, E/F/G/H for VOBBB, haha
  6. Tip: these new butterfly or "moonphase" records all kinda look like garbage. It's like you took two little bites out of an actual splatter record and plopped them on a plain one. Really weird choice. Regarding the album, I hope it's more interesting than the previous one was, it wasn't bad but none of the progressions stuck out much like they did on GoE and ToT. The chord voicings on those two albums paired with consistent wall-of-sound moments really makes those two timeless for me. Hoping this new one can get close to that.
  7. Hell of a lot nicer than the mockup! I echo the "4xLP boxset" sentiment—I don't own the first of these two on vinyl and would love to buy 'em together as a big package set.
  8. I've not spent much time with this band, but I'm really enjoying this new record. Might need to go back and explore their back catalog now. Good stuff.
  9. Evil Greed is up, it's a surprise /100 exclusive, and it's gonna look real good https://evilgreed.net/collections/nothing
  10. Holding out for the EU/UK variant. Single is solid, I still yearn for something to hit me as hard as Tired Of Tomorrow did when it came out and I'm hoping this will fill that void in my soul. It's got a darker feel to it which I like a lot.
  11. I think I have seen like, one or two black with splatter variants that actually look good, and I think special manufacturing had to be used (or some specific plant) for it to look that way. Every single other one I've seen is super underwhelming. All y'all be warned, most likely it won't look great. With that being said, new TA is something I enjoy experiencing. Will decide between the Deathwish and EU splatter variant once they go up. Always stellar music.
  12. This is really good. Scratches that Plebeian Grandstand itch I've had for a while since False Highs, True Lows is 4 years old now.
  13. If anyone sees any EU/UK distro for these, post em here. Shipping int'l is rough. Want this tho.
  14. Delicate Orange-ish variant looking tasty. Not upset this was the only one in the UK store, cause I think I like it more than the red.
  15. I saw these guys live right after they put out Dust and Disquiet and it was one of the best live shows I've ever been to. I wonder if they'll stick to BSM for EU distribution? Hope so.

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