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  1. Haven't looked around, but wondering—are there any UK preorders for coloured versions of this?
  2. Ugh, fuck this. The previous press is barely more expensive than that price point on the secondhand market. I have plenty of nostalgia for their old albums but this just screams milking it for every cent they're worth. They would sell out of normal cheaper presses just the same. I guess they're going to press the whole back catalogue like this which really sucks the life out of me.
  3. This is the dumbest thing and I wish this band would just regularly repress their stuff normally
  4. https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/botch?sort_by=created-descending https://evilgreed.net/collections/sargent-house/products/botch-we-are-the-romans-2xlp?variant=43634233508105 US and EU preorders up. Got the blue/black. Stoked on that colourway
  5. Any UK distro to speak of, or European? I've been looking/asking around but haven't found anything.
  6. Yea I was in for the /136 immediately. Single is fantastic. Really excited for this!
  7. Unfortunate that I didn't manage to scrounge up enough dosh before this album sold the entire membership stock out, hahah. Great LP, will probably pick up a copy on vinyl at some point but in no rush.
  8. Clear variant: https://www.cmdistro.de/Item/Lorna_Shore_-_Pain_Remains_-Gatefold_clear_2LP-/4089
  9. Huge bummer but complete and full support 'til the end. One of the best in business. I have no clue what the 6LP will be but I'll buy it, considering nearly everything they release is stellar.
  10. Massive fan of this record and love the textures and sounds all across it. The weird-ass tunings and chords reverberate so deeply in my SOUL man. One of the best things out this year IMO
  11. https://shop.revolvermag.com/products/holy-fawn-dimensional-bleed-lp-limited-edition-only-250-made-coke-bottle-clear-w-black-splatter-vinyl Revolver variant (coke clear w/ black splat) is up, /250
  12. For real. I wish they would come back full force. I have a good amount from that time (including ones from other labels, like the tie-die Youth LP...) and wish that was what people did instead of galaxies. I really don't think galaxies are as good! But yeah, regardless. Stoked. Neon green is simple but pretty, will probably get that through Banquet.
  13. Finally! I do hope there is some sort of UK distribution, I have not picked anything up from Triple Crown in over half a decade so I don't know what their distribution is like. Here's hoping
  14. Both bands are amazing, and the singles rule, so I'm looking forward to the remaining 2. I agree that the preorder time is ridiculous and since I doubt the labels are particularly aching for cash I can't see why they don't wait until it's a little closer to the release date. Fortunately the abundance of similar colours and the fact that I like the foil covers less than the normal cover means I can safely wait until release date to get whatever common variant I like. The electric blue with the splatter looks cool.
  15. I don't like commenting negative things, but it's not really Converge to me. I definitely agree with the above that it would have benefited by having a different name. It doesn't feel like the same band. Songs are soft and wishy-washy, many are too repetitive (Failure Forever a big example to me, I can't stand the cloying melody on it). I dunno. I don't like it, as someone who has been listening to Converge for a long time, and who considered them my favorite band for over a decade now. I always thought Chelsea Wolfe made (subjectively) uninteresting music and that sort of writing style leaked into this album big-time. Some people like that, I don't. WYW and Blood From The Soul already wore me thin with feeling either way too long-winded and soft to me (former) or phoned in (latter)... at least the Umbra Vitae LP was good. I did pre-order it the moment it was announced but ended up cancelling the pre-order (which I don't enjoy doing) because I couldn't see myself doing anything else except selling it when I got it. A big shame, to me, and certainly not expecting anytime soon to get new harsh Converge material. Oh well! I won't go on more because I hate being negative about independent non-radio-fodder music. I can tell the project has passion, but it just does not sit well with me. Should've not been billed as Converge.