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  1. Crazy how fast they're selling, honestly. Good for them, though, the album is killer and I made the mistake of waiting on the 2017 repress because I thought it would sit around. Didn't do it this time—got the black/blue w/white splat one.
  2. If anyone sees or finds a distro for this in the UK, please let me know. Shipping is prohibitively expensive for me but I do really want to own this. Essential band
  3. Not gonna lie, I was seriously considering buying the original first press splatter literally yesterday. Glad I waited. Finally a gatefold for this, too—picked up the /500 splatter.
  4. As someone who has absolutely loved everything Loma Prieta has put out before this album, I'm... not really into this. The heavy upbeat melodic nature of some of the songs (especially Dose, Symbios, the fast parts of Dreamlessnessless...) kind of ruins the mood of the whole thing, for me. Some particularly fast & upbeat parts remind me of something like Jeff Rosenstock, which is an unfortunate comparison considering that reeeeally is not the tone I would be looking for out of something like this. It feels like tonal whiplash from all their albums (this is absolutely not the evolution I had hoped for after Self Portrait), I don't really know. Oh well. I don't particularly feel like it's going to grow on me, either, which is disappointing.
  5. TC have a HELL of a lot of audacity to sell that for $65. Having the paper "jackets" also be the vinyl sleeves themselves essentially means the release did not come with a proper jacket at all. Just two cardstock 'inners' with embossing, in a PVC sleeve. (Though feel free to correct me on this, as I don't own this release. Just going by what I've seen in pictures.) They could have at least put them in a double-wide single-pocket proper jacket, right? Did they really not do that? I don't personally understand how embossing unprinted heavy cardstock and making a single-color print on a PVC sleeve would even remotely end up with a per-unit price of $65. Something must have went terribly wrong in the production process because I've seen releases much more lavish than this (lol) go for the same price.
  6. Man... I would love to own this record, but €40 + shipping for the LP is too much for me. I do wish SPR would chill with the pricing on their records. It's way out of hand.
  7. Very happy for a repress. Got the orange one. Not sure exactly what's up with shipping to the UK (it was a little awkward to check out) but managed to do so for a decent price. One of the best of its kind... whether one describes it as 'emocore', 'proto-screamo / screamo', 'post-hardcore' etc... it's legendary.
  8. Really looking forward to new music, have been aching to hear another full-length.
  9. Man, all of these anniversary editions they're doing really reminds me of better days. A big lot of the new stuff they have released the past years is not very good.
  10. Now if only the new Tim Hecker album were as reasonably priced here in the UK as it is in the US... £35 is double the US price. Highway robbery, I tell you!
  11. Snagged the represses a couple days back—crossing my fingers the recent repress campaign leads to a new album sometime this year. Also would love to see a new Demdike Stare LP soon.
  12. They should bother sending some repress copies to the UK. It's still impossible to find a copy over here. If anyone sees a listing for this in the UK that isn't stupid expensive please show me, I will be quite happy.
  13. Interesting—there's copies (pics on Instagram and Discogs) which have it spelled correctly (as well as a few pics of said incorrect spelling on IG)... wonder how that happened. For example: Incorrect: https://www.instagram.com/p/CpiTJ46u9z7/ Correct: https://www.instagram.com/p/CpdDL9hJEQd/ "Rare typo version for sale $150 NM-!!"
  14. I don't understand it at all, personally. They reissued You Fail Me Redux on the cloudy clear and people are already mixing up it with the F&F listing so much that the F&F listing on Discogs is overrun by them.
  15. Glad the new single is actually screaming and not the awful not-even-shouting hollering that they did on their comeback LP (and on Presents, which they really should re-record with proper screaming). Hope the whole album maintains that. With that said, instrumentals are still kinda weak though. Time will tell if the whole album maintains good energy.

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