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  1. This is really good. Scratches that Plebeian Grandstand itch I've had for a while since False Highs, True Lows is 4 years old now.
  2. If anyone sees any EU/UK distro for these, post em here. Shipping int'l is rough. Want this tho.
  3. Delicate Orange-ish variant looking tasty. Not upset this was the only one in the UK store, cause I think I like it more than the red.
  4. I saw these guys live right after they put out Dust and Disquiet and it was one of the best live shows I've ever been to. I wonder if they'll stick to BSM for EU distribution? Hope so.
  5. The Leviathan 4LP probably will appear at various distros if people miss it on PFL's store. No clue where but I've seen it around, at least in Europe. It's a mindblowingly stunning package and well worth the price. Such a good deal for the money.
  6. One of those rare records that really breaks conventions for bedroom indie-pop-esque stuff. I originally felt it wasn't quite my cup of tea as well, but I keep thinking about listening to it again so something's got me hooked. It's very well made regardless.
  7. Ahhhh exciting! Been a while, hope the LP goes up for preorder (relatively) soon
  8. Happy that the least rare variant is my favourite, means I won't have to stress about it selling out too quick! Really excited for this press. Been listening to the album in anticipation - it's gonna be gooood.
  9. As someone who (regrettably) slept on the last TRNA vinyl press from Elusive Sound, this one's a guaranteed buy. Very excited to see what wild-ass variants they'll come up for this one.
  10. Ooooh HMV has a pinwheel. I love pinwheels. Will pick that up.
  11. Picked up the /100 marble earlier this morning. Conversion rates from CAN to GBP are pretty great so it was affordable. If any really cool variants go up from PNR (which they usually do) I might get one of those too, but right now I'm satisfied. Counterparts can do no wrong.
  12. So, since the pressing number of the indie exclusive went up so much, I held off buying from overseas and am going to wait until any end up in the UK. Does anyone know if stores like Banquet will get any? I would hope so.
  13. Any other places the indie is going up? I want to ship it to the UK but Bullmoose is US only. I don't mind shipping overseas as long as the place allows me to, haha.
  14. Stage 5 is a complete masterpiece and perhaps the climax of the set. The tearing, pulsing noise driving the muddied jumbled mess of past memories... it is incredibly evocative and disturbing at once. Gonna take a long time to digest this. I will need to go back and listen to the prior 4 parts in order, so I can fully comprehend the context of this one. Especially want to hear 4 and 5 back-to-back. Part 6, I think, will be either mostly silence or mostly crackling noise, perhaps ambience resembling the "Take care. It's a desert out there..." CD. It's going to be one hell of a way to end the project. One of the greatest projects in modern memory, I think. In lighter thoughts, I hope they make an outer box to buy for the people who have managed to accrue all parts on vinyl. I would love something encapsulating like that. I have all 5 parts on blue and will not miss part 6.
  15. I don't know if this is just a one-off or not, but Seahaven is playing some shows with Man Overboard in November/December. I'm hoping it means that we might be getting more from the band someday. I really hope so. Reverie Lagoon is such a special record to me. https://www.manoverboardnj.com/