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  1. Managed to get singles for both NJ and Brooklyn (~$190 each), but boy is that queue system a mess, especially on mobile. Desktop was alright, but I was constantly knocked back out on mobile when the selected tickets had already been taken. Very nostalgic for the days of either lining up, calling in, or just no goddamn queue system and being able to select “best available”. Clearly all these ridiculous measures don’t curtail secondary sales. I would love for artists to start seriously pushing back on the Live Nation/TM situation.
  2. It will likely be fine. Records are tough. The airline will probably put them through special handling, similar to instruments (and the flight cases look like instrument cases, which isn’t a bad thing), so they probably won’t go on the baggage belts. Take the valuable stuff as carry-on, pack everything with LPs outside the jackets to prevent seam splits, and get straps for the checked ones so they don’t pop open.
  3. Theoretically it can be done. Taking a US/EU Delta flight as an example, you can check up to 10 bags. A flight case of 70 LPs shouldn’t be too heavy (~45 lbs). You’d need four of those for 280 LPs. You take the remaining 20 LPs in a small bag as your personal item, one flight case as your carry-on, and you get one checked free if you’re not on a Basic Economy fare. Third one is $100, and the fourth one is $285, for total fees of $385, not including the cost of the cases (probably $200-300). So maybe you can do it for under $700 if you’re just taking records, but if you need to check any other bags, it’s another $285 each.
  4. 300 at once is going to be very tough. Airlines won’t allow you to check anything over a certain weight (often 70 or 100 lbs depending on the route/airline). So you’d have to check multiple items, and the excess baggage/overweight fees will be nuts. Consider taking a small carryon case of the most valuable ones, and then looking into freight shipping for something like this for the rest: https://www.amazon.com/Odyssey-CLP200P-Carpeted-Recessed-Hardware/dp/B0002DVBRQ
  5. I'm almost certain that's Corin. Check out this setlist from a Corin Tucker Band show (Bs, Ds and Es are most obvious to me):
  6. Barnes & Noble signed copy showed up today. Includes Janet’s signature which is great!
  7. I am an old man with surround sound and a BluRay player, but isn’t this roughly how an entire generation consumes most of their visual media?
  8. I was looking for an excuse to end my nonstop run from the first package and just sign up for the ones I want. This might do it.
  9. CD can be preordered on Amazon for $45. So there’s that.
  10. Shipping for the bundle is slightly cheaper on Bandcamp than the Secretly Store: https://angelolsen.bandcamp.com/album/all-mirrors
  11. Indie pressing is clear with pink splatter. Available from Bullmoose and elsewhere.
  12. Nice. Dedication! 🤑 I missed the red and then checked each, holding out for the obvious pink variant that never came. Ending up with yellow is not so bad and probably what I would’ve picked from the other four given the choice. Doing a black one was dumb.