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  1. Let’s get this back on track, shall we? In related news, Steve Mason has a new solo album coming out in January. I haven’t looked too hard for US preorders, but there are a couple “limited” variants with signed prints available from the UK: Silver vinyl: http://www.stevemasonmerch.com/ PledgeMusic exclusive white vinyl: https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/steve-mason-about-the-light
  2. The description for the meet and greet says “includes entry to show” in bold, so it must. I think all Pledgers were given presale access, so I assume everyone who ordered just the record, etc got the same confirmation email with code. In my limited experience, these things are pretty explicit when you also need a ticket. And here, they are definitely explicit on the item page that it’s included. That said, if you email them to confirm, I’d be interested to know if they have a plan for where the tickets will be.
  3. New live album up for preorder on Pledge Music with some nice configurations and add-ons: https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/jose-gonzalez-live-in-europe Standard version, limited signed box set version on colored vinyl with 7” and used guitar string, and signed test pressings (at least 50 were pressed, maybe more). I personally opted for the meet-and-greet, since it includes the signed limited box set and entry to the concert of your choice from the upcoming US tour. Since tickets are at least $45 plus fees here in NY, that makes it like a $30-40 premium for a meet-and-greet and soundcheck, with proceeds to charity. Pretty good.
  4. Apologies for the off-topic bump--but which one of you was at the NJ show last night in a Limited to One t-shirt? I know it was one of you...
  5. Shields' perfectionism at work, I expect. In a similar vein, he was shooting daggers all night at the on-stage monitor guy at the NYC show, who looked rather terrified. It was actually kind of funny.
  6. Same here. @Iggy_Pilot, has there been any word of a superior/inferior pressing?
  7. Arrived today, so turnaround of a little over two weeks. Better than expected. No free vinyl (and a packing list that explicitly says so).
  8. Note the shipping is up to $36.33 for the LP bundle. I was waiting on the tour in hopes that they'd have copies, but ended up ordering yesterday since that didn't pan out. If they just made it an $80 bundle inclusive of shipping, I'd feel better. But $45 + $36.33 hurts.
  9. Checked for you but sold out. They’re down to just a handful of T-shirts.
  10. Anyone know if they're selling these on the current U.S. tour?
  11. Just didn’t see mention that it would be boxed, though that would certainly make sense!
  12. Is there a box I’m not seeing?
  13. Out October 5, 2018. Available from Merge Records (which ships free in the U.S., and includes a pin and poster), the band's merch store, and Arts & Crafts in Canada. Merge is also offering a t-shirt bundle. Limited "Peak Vinyl" edition (heh...) is on yellow-in-clear "creamfruit" vinyl. No word on how many pressed. Standard on black. https://fuckedup.merchtable.com/pre-orders/dose-your-dreams-deluxe-2xlp-standard-2xlp-2xcd https://www.mergerecords.com/dose-your-dreams Canada: http://craft-shop.ca/artists/fuckedup/fucked-up-dose-your-dreams Stream of first track: https://fuckedup.bandcamp.com/album/dose-your-dreams Merge also has a pre-order for a new "limited edition" 7" out September 7. Again, no word on pressing number. https://www.mergerecords.com/raise-your-voice-joyce-bw-taken
  14. Also possible they jumped the gun and are cancelling everything. Yellow vinyl up on her webstore: http://store.jmonae.com/dirty-computer-color-vinyl-2xlp-w-lenticular-cover.html
  15. UO link for the lazy: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/janelle-mone-dirty-computer-limited-2xlp ”Janelle Mone”...