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  1. Nice. Dedication! 🤑 I missed the red and then checked each, holding out for the obvious pink variant that never came. Ending up with yellow is not so bad and probably what I would’ve picked from the other four given the choice. Doing a black one was dumb.
  2. Just noticed this hadn’t been posted, surprisingly. OMAM is on the last (#5/5) limited edition version of their upcoming album. Each is /500 with an exclusive cover and color, and a litho of the cover signed by the band. These have been selling out within about 12 hours. The last one went up this morning, in yellow. $35 plus annoying $10 minimum shipping (UPS only). https://www.ofmonstersandmenofficialmerch.com/products/fever-dream-preorder-vinyl-lp-bundle-5-yellow Standard black also available from their shop, though likely cheaper elsewhere.
  3. Must’ve just snuck my order in. Got all three OBI with a 10:13am ET confirmation e-mail.
  4. So with the Racs going #1, does anyone here know how the “every ticket includes a copy of the album” business factors into that? Obviously they aren’t the only ones to do this, but do those copies juice sales numbers? Presumably thousands of copies were “sold” with tickets for the tour, with it being a duplicate copy for many ticket buyers (I personally have four copies of this album across Vault, Rough Trade and tickets). Just curious.
  5. Huh. Really thought that White Stripes tease the other week was indicative of next Vault.
  6. So weird that she’d drop this after the album is ready to go and tour on sale. Very skeptical that this is the full story, as it would be supremely shitty of her to leave the band scrambling for a replacement and fans without a key part of SK for a tour with tickets already sold just because of the “new” direction (which presumably would have been apparent since they started writing and recording this record many months ago). There has to be a “better” reason she didn’t want to see out the tour.
  7. I stand corrected! They were not promoting any of that on truck signage, so I had no idea. Obviously paid off to stand in line and ask.
  8. They were giving out the preview 12" at the NYC Lincoln Square screening tonight. Maybe 50-75 copies. Missed it by about 5 people.
  9. Two copies. Both yellow. 😕 Offer to trade one for a U.K. copy still stands!
  10. tldr: Unless they have announced that they will have an exclusive release (for which you will have to arrive early) or you care about truck-themed merch, it’s not worth going out of your way. I’ve been three times, all in NYC. First was early days, for the Colbert single release. Got the tri-color and some exclusive truck-themed merch (exciting at the time). Second was for the Public Nuisance triple-deckers. Third was last week at Rough Trade. They didn’t seem to have any exclusives (nothing hyped on social media or truck signage, though possible they quietly had something that sold out). Probably why lines weren’t crazy. Swank mentioned before the show that they were selling a new Racs shirt, but think it was just the Classic “R” shirt they are also selling online. No other notable Racs stuff on the menu. Webstore is much better stocked for that.
  11. Signed copies up at B&N: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/center-wont-hold-sleater-kinney/33989591?ean=0858275056358
  12. Think it’s 1400 for the US. No word yet on total pressing.