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  1. This is now down to $41.08+tax on Amazon (including a 10% coupon currently available): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HSKMMCV/
  2. Anyone else not yet have shipping confirmation?
  3. fondfarewell

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    If anyone is still looking for Jose Gonzalez, there's one at an excellent BIN price on eBay ($22 shipped in the US): https://www.ebay.com/itm/Jose-Gonzalez-Veneer-New-sealed-RSD-Black-Friday-2xLP/283283102020
  4. fondfarewell

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    No idea what their fulfillment rate is like, but these shops all have releases up: https://waterloorecords.tuneportals.com/ https://musicmillennium.tuneportals.com/ https://easystreetonline.com/ https://therecordexchange.tuneportals.com/ Waterloo was the cheapest for Jose Gonzalez, if anyone else is still looking for that.
  5. Ugh. Email blast went to my junk mail and I missed the yellow. Anyone happen to grab an extra? I have a spare copy of that Christmas 7" from a couple years ago...
  6. Webstore exclusive is now officially available to order, along with some poster/t-shirt bundles: https://kingsroadmerch.com/vagrant/artist/?id=392
  7. Slightly under $70 on Amazon (including tax and a $4.46 discount) right now: https://www.amazon.com/Lighted-Street-Leader/dp/B07HSKMMCV
  8. It'll be on Netflix on December 16 (I think). Agree on $80 being alright. I was lucky enough to see this live and it was simply profound, so well worth it IMO.
  9. fondfarewell

    The Third Man Records Thread

    Make you you also try manually punching the tracking number in on the FedEx site. The tracking link in the TMR shipment e-mails usually doesn't work for me, and the app I use for package tracking also rarely shows Vault package updates for some reason (probably an issue with their FedEx integration).
  10. fondfarewell

    The Third Man Records Thread

    Vault 37 feels so cheap. Why in the world wouldn’t they do a triple gatefold with this one? I also really wish they’d stop using photos as a Vault package item, but I’m sure it’s a cheap way to pad out the occasional package.
  11. fondfarewell

    Death From Above "Heads Up" EP reissue

    I wish more places had Apple Pay for crazy drops like this. +1 signed no problemo.
  12. Let’s get this back on track, shall we? In related news, Steve Mason has a new solo album coming out in January. I haven’t looked too hard for US preorders, but there are a couple “limited” variants with signed prints available from the UK: Silver vinyl: http://www.stevemasonmerch.com/ PledgeMusic exclusive white vinyl: https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/steve-mason-about-the-light
  13. The description for the meet and greet says “includes entry to show” in bold, so it must. I think all Pledgers were given presale access, so I assume everyone who ordered just the record, etc got the same confirmation email with code. In my limited experience, these things are pretty explicit when you also need a ticket. And here, they are definitely explicit on the item page that it’s included. That said, if you email them to confirm, I’d be interested to know if they have a plan for where the tickets will be.
  14. New live album up for preorder on Pledge Music with some nice configurations and add-ons: https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/jose-gonzalez-live-in-europe Standard version, limited signed box set version on colored vinyl with 7” and used guitar string, and signed test pressings (at least 50 were pressed, maybe more). I personally opted for the meet-and-greet, since it includes the signed limited box set and entry to the concert of your choice from the upcoming US tour. Since tickets are at least $45 plus fees here in NY, that makes it like a $30-40 premium for a meet-and-greet and soundcheck, with proceeds to charity. Pretty good.
  15. Apologies for the off-topic bump--but which one of you was at the NJ show last night in a Limited to One t-shirt? I know it was one of you...