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  1. https://shop.kt8merch.com/products/sloan-b-sides-win-vol-2-1998-2001 B Sides Win Vol.2 (1998-2001) • A remastered collection of extras, bonus tracks and b-sides • Limited edition of 1,200 copies • Translucent purple vinyl Side A: 1. Work Cut Out 2. Out To Lunch 3. Keep On Thinkin' (acoustic radio version) 4. Glad To Be Here 5. Summer's My Season Side B: 1. At The Edge Of The Season 2. Had Enough 3. Helen 4. Pretty Together (demo version) 5. Are You Giving Me Back My Love? (Russian Futurists version) Somehow Vol. 1 hasn’t
  2. And received today. No tracking in the email, but ended up being FedEx overnight. Nice. Came in a decent mailer with the extended sides to protect against corner dings, and LPs are in top shape. I’ve seen others say they use flimsy packaging. Maybe true for single LPs, though I’ve ordered from them before and don’t recall the packaging being bad (or at least, there were no issues).
  3. US Rough Trade link: https://www.roughtrade.com/us/sleater-kinney/path-of-wellness/ Black in milky clear is leading the variant race for me so far.
  4. What OP means is that the jacket for Landscape Tantrums isn’t really a jacket, but rather the size and thickness of a printed inner sleeve. Flimsy. The set is nice in a bubble, but is a disappointment/overpriced at $500. The comparisons in my collection are the Paramount Records boxes that Third Man did (far and away better quality and more interesting sets for $400 each) and the first edition AOF box (reasonably comparable to this one for less than half the price at CAD $250). So clearly a lot of pocketed profit here that could’ve been put toward a higher-quality product, more extra
  5. For the rest of you waiting, mine was finally handed over to USPS today after nothing since 4/19. Another week until it hits the east coast, but here it comes.
  6. Ditto. No movement since label creation on 4/19. Pretty annoying.
  7. When I scrolled down and saw the album cover with "LP", I thought that was surely it! But nope...
  8. Someone posted this screenshot from Adam Jones' IG on the VinylReleases reddit:
  9. I just got my shipping notification from them. Only means the label was created, but still a good sign.
  10. I've e-mailed Port Merch to ask about this. "Original handmade" really suggests unique drawings (and on the EU shop, "handmade" is even italicized), and they probably should be for what shakes out to roughly a $75 premium over buying the LP + prints and the tote. It becomes much less interesting if it's just a signed print. In any case, if their online inventory for the US shop is accurate, they aren't selling through many of these bundles. I could cart 117 yesterday, and 114 today. Update: Port Merch never responded, so I e-mailed the artist. She was kind enough to con
  11. Repress is back in stock for those still looking: https://merch.ambientinks.com/collections/sylvanesso/products/echo-mountain-sessions-lp-1
  12. Green and red options out of the UK too. https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/recordstore/Local-Valley-Limited-Edition-Translucent-Green-Vinyl-LP/6Y910000000 https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/recordstore/Local-Valley-Recordstore-Exclusive-Translucent-Red-Vinyl-LP-Signed-Art-Print/6Y9M0000000 Red seems to be different than the Brooklyn Vegan variant somehow (maybe translucent vs. opaque), and /1000 with a signed print. Green seems to be UK indies.

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