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  1. Thrush Hermit. Clayton Park. It’s finally happening. Since I assume this will be Canada-only, if anyone is able to pick up an extra copy for me on RSD, I’d be very grateful.
  2. Last night I’m pretty sure I saw copies of all three studio LPs, including the recent deluxe RSD version of Veneer. They also had both standard and box set versions of the String Theory live album (the latter was priced at $100, and included the used guitar string).
  3. I'm mildly annoyed that the Cherry Tree exclusive variant isn't the 3LP version with the score. Though it's a shrewd way to sell more copies, as they must know Cherry Tree members are exactly the type of fans who will shell out for both the most limited variant and the extra material.
  4. For the hand pours, I see: 57 singles 15 bundles w/ Battle of Electricity 18 bundles w/ t-shirt 1 bundle w/ two copies 11 bundles w/ Battle of Electricity and t-shirt
  5. Well done! I'll be way back in the seventh row for NY. Nice that they set aside prime seats.
  6. Disappointing but I suppose better than not getting it at all, given PledgeMusic’s problems. Did you order any of the extra items? And did you get any shipping notice? Edit: My box arrived as well. Really nice. Obviously no shipping notice. The extra items I ordered weren’t included with this shipment. And no guitar string.
  7. There are technically import duties for packages into the US, but they are only enforced on low-value imports (under $800 I think) in exceptionally rare cases. I’ve never been hit. Canada, on the other hand, frequently assesses import duties on packages of any value.
  8. I hope anyone trying to get NY tickets took advantage of the presale this morning. It was super easy. Tickets are still available as of 10:10am.
  9. I've been hoping this would be pressed. So far, looks like just a B&N Exclusive pressing on red translucent vinyl, but I expect others will start POPPIN' up. https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/mary-poppins-returns-scott-wittman/33365344?ean=0050087409630
  10. Depending on the size, either these (they also sell a version without flaps if you prefer) or these. The latter are a bit thin for my liking, but work well for smaller box sets.
  11. For anyone else waiting on the José González campaign, he responded to a message I sent to say he is “signing stuff at home as we speak. No change of plans.”