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  1. Makes me feel a bit better. My copy of the red Boygenius shipped the same day and followed the Punisher tracking to Frankfurt, then stopped. Boygenius tracked through the US and was delivered today. Annoying situation but fingers crossed.
  2. Anyone else have a JPC package that hasn’t been updated since Frankfurt a week ago?
  3. https://sufjanstevens.bandcamp.com/album/america The 12” will be gone very very soon.
  4. I just got shipping confirmation from JPC. It’s being sent with DHL. I ordered with standard shipping, so they may be upgrading US orders to get them out the door.
  5. The red/teal German pressing is now available on JPC, which has much cheaper shipping to the US than HHV: https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/bright-eyes-down-in-the-weeds-where-the-world-once-was/hnum/9905119
  6. Can someone confirm that any sign-up for the SS between now and the end of July will get the Bright Eyes LP (with a sign-up in June starting with Molina and a sign-up in July starting with BE)?
  7. It’s yellow and, at 1500 copies, presumably more limited. These aren’t really bundles—just LPs housed in a book. KRS is offering a number of egregiously priced bundles that add on signed photo prints (in varying quantities and sizes depending on just how stupid the price gets) and, if you really have money to burn, a certificate of authenticity with the most expensive bundle. 🙄 I’ll risk the inauthenticity of a copy from Bullmoose.
  8. Obviously now is the time more than ever to be supporting local shops if possible, but if you need to order from Amazon, this is now up at $28 with preorder price guarantee.
  9. It was available in the Vault novelties store a while back but sold out. It was priced at a premium—$20 or $30 IIRC.
  10. German pressing with signed print: https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/phoebe-bridgers-punisher/hnum/9804993 Shipping to the US is cheap and XR is favorable. Works out to about $27 total.
  11. Box is definitely sized for jackets. Weird. Fits well if you use some generic ones. Also, the picks were missing from my package. I think they slipped out in transit since the invoice was halfway out... Not the best mailers for small things like that.
  12. Split sold out while I was deciding. Works for me. Edit: nevermind, looks to be back up.
  13. If any non-CT members want Vol 1, I’ll pick it up for you at cost plus an extra $10 donation to their crew fund. Hit me up.
  14. Rick White has put out a vinyl pressing of Eric’s Trip’s “Warm Girl” cassette (not to be confused with the 7” of the same name). The first run of 400 sold out, but they’re pressing more. Seems they will all be on green vinyl. https://bluefogrecordings.bigcartel.com/product/eric-s-trip-warmgirl-vinyl-lp
  15. Happy to be corrected by others, but Academy Annex probably has the most 45s (though perhaps not an “absurd amount”) without being junky. They keep some boxes of more valuable stuff behind the counter, so ask for those too.