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  1. Note the shipping is up to $36.33 for the LP bundle. I was waiting on the tour in hopes that they'd have copies, but ended up ordering yesterday since that didn't pan out. If they just made it an $80 bundle inclusive of shipping, I'd feel better. But $45 + $36.33 hurts.
  2. Checked for you but sold out. They’re down to just a handful of T-shirts.
  3. Anyone know if they're selling these on the current U.S. tour?
  4. Just didn’t see mention that it would be boxed, though that would certainly make sense!
  5. Is there a box I’m not seeing?
  6. Out October 5, 2018. Available from Merge Records (which ships free in the U.S., and includes a pin and poster), the band's merch store, and Arts & Crafts in Canada. Merge is also offering a t-shirt bundle. Limited "Peak Vinyl" edition (heh...) is on yellow-in-clear "creamfruit" vinyl. No word on how many pressed. Standard on black. https://fuckedup.merchtable.com/pre-orders/dose-your-dreams-deluxe-2xlp-standard-2xlp-2xcd https://www.mergerecords.com/dose-your-dreams Canada: http://craft-shop.ca/artists/fuckedup/fucked-up-dose-your-dreams Stream of first track: https://fuckedup.bandcamp.com/album/dose-your-dreams Merge also has a pre-order for a new "limited edition" 7" out September 7. Again, no word on pressing number. https://www.mergerecords.com/raise-your-voice-joyce-bw-taken
  7. Also possible they jumped the gun and are cancelling everything. Yellow vinyl up on her webstore: http://store.jmonae.com/dirty-computer-color-vinyl-2xlp-w-lenticular-cover.html
  8. UO link for the lazy: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/janelle-mone-dirty-computer-limited-2xlp ”Janelle Mone”...
  9. fondfarewell

    The Third Man Records Thread

    That's a standard disclaimer used whenever they're selling leftover posters and the like. I don't think anyone would expect worse damage than you might have from a poster handled at a merch table.
  10. This just came with a small signed promo card, packed loose in the mailer. Not exactly a signed copy as promised. Kinda lame.
  11. I've been able to order 10 liter boxes of reagent water off Amazon in the past. Usually around $30-35 with Prime shipping. Availability comes and goes, but the brand is Ricca.
  12. fondfarewell

    What's your White Whale record?

    It is a much cooler pick-up than click-click-click on Discogs!
  13. fondfarewell

    What's your White Whale record?

    Glad you finally got a copy! Hopefully priced better than the one up on Discogs. The Sadies' "Stories Often Told" LP had been a white whale for me for years now (tough to find at any price), but managed to snag one up on Discogs the other week. Not cheap but so it goes...
  14. It actually came in a decent corrugated mailer (Banquet-branded). Is that a recent change? Perhaps they used those horrible, thin UK mailers in the past? This is what they used: https://www.lilpackaging.com/buy-packaging/book-wraps-packaging-book-mailers/vinyl-record-mailers-lp-record-wraps/