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  1. As someone who also bumped a ten+ year old thread a couple years back, I salute you. It's important to remember where we've come from haha! Glow in the dark is a cool gimmick, but I'm pretty set with my original copy + the VMP version that came out a little while back. Still jam this from time to time.
  2. I walked into Zia last year on release day and walked out paying $23.88 total for a black copy. Nuts that shops are listing it for $50. Love this record, but if it were me, think I'd also be playing the long game on this.
  3. Same here, sleeve arrived with a massive bend in the top left corner. Pretty minimal packing, but at least the record itself appears to have arrived in decent shape. I'll live, but not well /s
  4. I'd be in favor of one as well. I hopped in here thinking it might have been bumped with info on RPBMH's imminent release. It's pretty much confirmed, and I think the latest Tyler record had a PO Soon thread when the album released for a similar situation (plus another PO Now thread when the vinyl did eventually drop).
  5. I could be mistaken, but it looks to me like the blue is still sold out? At least, that's what I'm seeing on his merch site. So if you are looking for a copy with a little razzle-dazzle, might want to pick up that UO for the alt cover.
  6. And it's fantastic. When Sparks Fly immediately a standout for me; that OJ line immediately recontextualized the song for me. Hope we get a vinyl release down the line.
  7. Haven't seen any official statement, but photo he posted on social media had him holding a copy of the record sealed, so it leads me to believe these might be in hand or close to it. Take it with a grain of salt tho.
  8. I do find myself gravitating towards the higher-energy tracks, so I do agree with you that I probably need to adjust in that regard.
  9. Having the weekend to listen a few times, I am just not certain this project worked for me. I've loved pretty much everything else Denzel has released starting with Imperial, but I just find myself not connecting here. There are some fun tracks, and I got into the second half moreso than the first (barring Walking), but while the whole record sounds very clean, I just didn't feel much. Not dismissing it yet, but for what I understood to be a very introspective record, I can't help but feel that the vibes are there, but the writing isn't. Trouble being a great example of me loving the sound of the song, but the content just feels very vague and somewhat generic. Hopeful it'll grow on me with some more time.
  10. Looks like they might have caught on, page seems to have been taken down.
  11. That's what I was thinking, I don't see it either. If anyone has a link to the indie exclusive, I'd be grateful for the share
  12. VMP Color Pressings: Tremulant EP (Yellow Marble, /1000) De-Loused in the Comatorium (Gold & Black Marble) Frances the Mute (Red & Black Marble, /5000) Amputechture (Blue Marble & Orange Marble, /2000) The Bedlam in Goliath (Blue Marble, /1500) Octahedron (Sky Blue Marble & Red marble, /1500) Noctourniquet (Orange Marble, /1000) Bundle Titles will become available to non-members after 48 hours, if they don't sell out
  13. LP preorders tomorrow at 10am EST & 3pm GMT, via twitter. Looks like it'll be linked via their site bossk.org
  14. Another link here: https://www.ziarecords.com/p/13271287/isis-oceanic-clear-with-black-gold-splatter-vinyl