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  1. Following up on this, site is showing: $75 color variant (/400) $50 color variant (/600) $30 black variant (/1000) for both the standard and instrumental versions Black is not an open preorder as previously thought, so don't sleep on this if you were planning on it.
  2. Thanks for the response. I like the options in format that Bandcamp provides, so I'll definitely be grabbing a copy there. We're also close enough to the next Bandcamp Friday (Dec. 4th) that I'll just wait it out until then. Congrats to you and your team on the release.
  3. Excellent first listen. Was putting off picking this up, but ordered the indie exclusive after listening in full. Question for anyone who has a copy already: is the download card that comes with the record by any chance one that redeems to Bandcamp? Don't have much experience with Pure Noise, so I'm just trying to gauge if I should just pull the trigger on a digital copy there or if I should just wait it out until I get my copy in hand. Thanks in advance.
  4. Any word on why? Just moving on type deal I hope
  5. I'd love some insight into the construction as well; whether they had a structure in mind at all before they decided to split the material up. If I'm dreaming big, and if there was an idea in mind, the imaginary 4xLP set with the original intended sequencing would be a very interesting offer. Good way to put it
  6. I think my local has some copies on hand: https://shop.stinkweeds.com/product/pre-order-clipping-visions-of-bodies-being-burned-lp-loser-edition Super friendly, so I'm sure you could give them a ring and confirm before you order
  7. Finally got to listen to this last night, and it's a fantastic second half to what TEAATB brought to the table, mashing up the best of that record with their more industrial leanings. I loved the last record, but (recency bias, I know) I might like this one even more.
  8. Malfunction - Fear of Failure (Test Press) Have Heart - The Things We Carry (3rd Press, Tri-Color) Give Up The Ghost - Year One (7", 1st press, Blue A/B & Black C/D) Cops and Robbers - Execution Style (1st press, Blue) Besides the Have Heart record, open to trades.
  9. Same, gonna give it some time, let the super fans duke it out, and try later.
  10. wtf, this is some of the hardest shit I've heard all year
  11. Go pick this up or listen to this if you haven't. Awesome EP released earlier this year, and I'm so happy it got a physical release thru Triple B

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