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  1. Malfunction - Fear of Failure (Test Press) Have Heart - The Things We Carry (3rd Press, Tri-Color) Give Up The Ghost - Year One (7", 1st press, Blue A/B & Black C/D) Cops and Robbers - Execution Style (1st press, Blue) Besides the Have Heart record, open to trades.
  2. Same, gonna give it some time, let the super fans duke it out, and try later.
  3. wtf, this is some of the hardest shit I've heard all year
  4. Go pick this up or listen to this if you haven't. Awesome EP released earlier this year, and I'm so happy it got a physical release thru Triple B
  5. Did not disappoint in the slightest. God is Perfect and Something to Rap About are the early standouts for me.
  6. Happy to finally grab a copy of Act II. Beyond the occasional song here and there, could never really get into the Acts afterwards.
  7. I back this up; wasn't crazy into any of the band's material before this record, but it's a really solid listen.
  8. I felt the same way when the first single came out, and I feel it holds true now that the project is out in full. Not that I thought the vocals were really lacking on previous records, but I sense an improvement here.
  9. Picked up the indie green from Going Underground. They also have the Rotting Out indie exclusive, if anyone was looking to pick that up as well. Killer record. Had not been super into their material before this release, but I am loving this one.
  10. Wtf with the only shipping option being $20?? Scratch that, shipping prices are better through MerchNow vs the Hopeless link tweeted by the band.